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Museum of radioactive quack cures.
The items shown on these pages are part of 
The Oak Ridge Associated Universities' (ORAU's) Health Physics Historical Instrumentation Museum Collection 
which contains more than 1,000 objects.

guaranteed "harmless in every respect."


Radium emanator

to add radon to drinking water


described as a "perpetual health spring in the home."

Lifetime Radium Vitalizer Water Jar

supposedly caused "the best of digestion of your food."

More radioactive water Jars
Radium Water Jar

probably used at a hotel or spa.

ARIUM Radium Tablets

only cost a dollar for 42 tablets of "genuine radium."

Q-Ray Electro pad 
providing the user with the best of two worlds: the curative radiations from radium and the soothing effects of a heating pad!.
Gra-Maze Uranium Comforter

was billed as "your own health mine in miniature."

Degnen's Standard Radioactive Solar Pad
needed to be charged in sunlight before use "sending the lifegiving current through the blood and nervous system."
Radium Bath
for a soothing radioactive experience.
"good for nervous disorders, insomnia, general debility, arthritis, and rheumatism".
Vita Radium Suppositories
"highly recommended for piles and hemorrhoids and is practically a specific for prostate [sic] gland trouble."
Lifestone Cigarette Holder 

"would protect users from lung cancer and promised beautiful faces and excellent health."


The Nicotine Alkaloid Control (NAC) Plate (1980­present)

It was possible for a cigarette to taste "milder" after treatment with it

Gable Ionic Charger

not only for drinking but also for "plants you are watering, seedlings you are raising, or animals."

Thomas Radioactive Cone and the Zimmer Radon Generator 
"fortified with nature's radio-activity, the life of every living thing called Vitamin D" (sic) and "children who drink this water will probably never have ulcers, tumors, cancers, or goiter."
Radio-Rem Emanator 

consisted of 8 bottles, each of which contained a radium source.

Radiumchema Radioactive Compres
guaranteed to contain 0.1 milligrams of radium by the Institut du Radium at the Laboratoire Curie in Paris.
Radium Bromide solution 

homeopathic trituration-containing radium bromide powder 

Endless Refrigerator/ Freezer Deodorizer

was supposed to mysteriously destroy odors

Shoe-Fitting Fluoroscope

was used in retail stores to x-ray children's feet inside their shoes in the 1930's through 1950s


"the last word in scientific manufacture", to be placed over the endocrine glands. One of the more costly "health-giving" items at $150 each


These items are part of Museum of questionable medical devices.
Radium ore Revigator
shoe-fitting x-ray unit 

there were 10,000 of these devices in use


fiestaware made prior to 1943 contains small amounts of radiactive material

Mr. Beyers drank 1400 bottles of Radithor in 2 1/2 years until his jaw 
came off! 
... from his wheelchair, enlisted the aid of Congress in warning consumers away from these dangerous radium cures.


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