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Tidbits to help your eyes

There seems to be consensus regarding TED burns itself out in a period from 6 months to two years.

On the other hand, the results on decompression show that 64% of patients remain with permanent diplopia (which should call for added strabismus surgery), and optic nerve neuropathy remains unaltered in a very high percentage. It does help with proptosis (bulging). So being conservative regarding surgery could be suggested, as once done there is no way back. But please, have them always checked out by an ophthalmologist who is specialised in Graves’ eye disease.

dancing baby In the meanwhile, there are many things you can do to try to help healing your eyes with several soft approaches and techniques you may find useful.

The eyes according to Chinese medicine are connected to the liver, and show the toxicity of the body in the first place. So the most important things you can do for your eyes are:

smttr1.) a detoxifying diet, adapted to yourself. Mostly vegetarian but protein balanced. Consult with an expert in nutrition or with a naturopathic doctor whenever possible.

bathing smttr2.) salt added warm baths, twice per week, 250 gr. of common non-iodised salt per bath, duration half an hour. They are excellent detoxifiers.

smttr 3.) skilled relaxation twice or three times daily.

These three suggestions are the most important ones. But there are more things you can do.

smdi4.) acupuncture is excellent -search for a skilled professional-

smdi 5.) yoga and/or Tai-Chi. Both are pure gold!!

eyesee2smdi 6.) eye exercises

smdi 7.) eye hydrotherapy, several times daily

smdi 8.) eye relaxation (different exercises: palms on them, balancing body, etc.)

twoblink smdi 9.) blink often, do it consciously many times a day

smdi 10.) blink tight thirty or forty times consecutively

smdi 11.) "use" your eyes (is the best for them), knitting, reading, etc

smdi 12.) computer does not benefit them. Watch out how long you're using it and do your best with it

smdi 13.) SLEEP and rest are very important for the eyes

Specific things for "dry eye" (watery), and swollen eyes.

smdi 14.) infusion of "equisetum arbense" aka horsetail (herbal diuretic) three times a day

smdi 15.) drink lots of water

smdi 16.) try to reduce salt intake

smdi 17.) cold compresses or a gel mask you keep in the fridge

smdi 18.) sliced cucumbers

smdi 19.) cooled tea bags, placed on the eyelids

smdi 20.) elevate your head at night, better elevate your bed placing two wooden pieces under the upper legs

smdi 21.) running a humidifier is helpful

smdi 22.) avoid dry air, wind, conditioners, heathers and related

smdi 23.) Sunglasses if you have sensivity to light

smdi 24.) Keep eyes moisted, methyl-cellulose drops during the day and an ointment at night

smdi 25.) tape them during the night, if necessary.

smdi 26.) wash them gently with salt (a little bit) added boiled water. (you may use a piece of cotton while keeping lids closed)

smdi 27.) wash them gently with "eyebright" infusion etc.



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