Welcome to IBC Boxing! (International Boxing Champs!) This is a new Fictional boxing site bought to you by Erick! And This site would not be possible without the game Title-Bout! Got check out there website. I've added the 40 boxers who are fighting in the tournament, in the boxing links , also added the rules, matches! More info about updates Below! Enjoy.

Matches Are up!

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All of the matches are up! This is sure to be a Night to remember! We name round 1 out of 12, The night of the greats! Because so many great fighters will fight each other! With fights like Marciano vs. Jeffries and Ali vs. Liston This is sure to be a night to remember!

Welcome all to the IBC

Hello all! And welcome to my new site! This is a Fictional Site! This site is Dedicated to boxing fans who wonder what if? What if Marciano Fought Ali? what If Jeffries fought Dempsey? Well now we can put it to rest with the help of Title-fight 2001 (soon to become title-bout) Which is a Computer simulator boxing game, I can now set matches with the greats and post the results on my website! Im going to give you all the Information you need to know to understand this website! Before I get started on that PLEASE! please, Buy the new Tile-bout game! Which is soon to be release! In mean while visit it's message board by: Clicking here!

Updates: I have put up the 40 boxers who are in the heavyweight division. I also put up the Ibc rules. And E's Boxing put out its first article! It has interviews, with Ali, Marciano, and more! More updates soon. Stay tuned my mo' foe's from Title-bout message board! Yeah im crazy.

Things to know about this site: The number 1 thing you need to know is this site is different from all the other sites! Why you might ask? This is a promotion based site! What I mean by that is, it is 4 different promotion company's (Click here to see more about this) After each weight class champion has been crowned, The promotion companies will pick 10 fighters. I am only doing WW-HW. Why? because I know nothing about light weight (and really don't care) Hw will be first and then Lhw, then Mm, and so on! The promotion company has the right to make a fight move up a weight class! BUT: Only if the fighter won 4 straight fights in his division, and must be champion! (If a fighter won more then 4 in a row then he can ask the commissioner for permission to move up a weight class) Everything else you need to know about this site is located in the Rules section! If I feel That there is anything else to add, then I will do so.