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Major Sub-themes of the Conference

                Need for Restorative Justice

          History of Restorative Justice

          Rights of Victims

          Existing policies and procedures in various countries

          Contemporary Victimization covering PLWHA, ILWHA

          Tight focus on bills/laws, ordinances etc.,

          Contemporary issues and expected future developments

                Magnitude of victimization

          Need for Victim Surveys

          Secondary victimization by the Criminal Justice System

          Secondary traumatization of Criminal Justice professionals and allied services

          Victims of War Crimes/ Refugees

          Victims of Terrorism/

          Victims of traditional crimes

          Cyber crime victims

           Victims of Riots (Racial, Religious and Caste Violence)

          Victims of Road Accidents

          Victimless crimes

          Landmark Apex Court Judgments across the globe

          Child victims including school violence

          Gender Justice: Concept and issues

          Gender crimes including Gender harassment

          Sexual Harassment at work place

          Women Traumatology

          Child Victimization:  Magnitude, forms and prescription

                Taking stock of existing needs and schemes

          Crisis intervention centers

          State victim assistance fund/victim cess

          Victim support services

          Witness protection programmes

          Alternative Dispute Resolution

          Indigenous redressal Mechanisms  

 We cordially invite you to attend the Ist International and fifth biennial Conference of the Indian Society of Victimology in Tirunelveli, India.

Dr. P Madhava Soma Sundaram,
Organizing Secretary - IBCISV-2004.

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