The Rix Family

The Rix Family may have been Huguenots who fled the Low Countries in the 16th century
They came to England and settled in the Worstead area.
They married into the Grey family, who had obtained their land from William 1 in 1066

See Grey History They lived at Goswold Hall They worshipped at Thrandeston Church

Generation 1

The earliest Rix we know of is John Rix 1st (1652-1706) of Palgrave, Norfolk, England

John Rix and Francis Grey (1656-1716) of Norfolk England

Their children were

John 2nd (1683-1745) m. Mary (1691-1765)

Elizabeth (1685-1723) m Charles Ives

Francicus (1688----) m Elizabeth

Benjamin(1689-1692) d. y.

Robert (1696-1697) d. y.

Bentiman(1696-1697) d. y.

William(1700-1705) d. y.


Generation 2

This generation has two men named John Rix.

John 2nd Rix is the son of John 1st.

John 3rd is his cousin, the son of Franciscus

John 2nd Rix married Mary

They had five children

John 4th (1710-1746) m Prudence? (1708-1803)

Mary (1712-1729)

Thomas 1st (1712-1776) m Mary Grey (1714-1776)

William (1717-1717)

Francis(1794-1797)m William Blakeley

Nothing more is known of this line

John 3rd married Elizabeth Chiver (1712-1767)

Their children were

Robert (1758-1828)

Thomas 2nd (1752-1820)


John 5th (1748-1851)

Sarah (1755-1788

Henry 1st (1761-1816)



Generation 3

John 5th (1748-1781) m. Sarah Fulcher (1752-1893)

Thomas 2nd (1752-1820) m Hannah Wharton

Sarah (1755-1788)

Robert (1758-1828) m Esther

Henry 1st(1761-1816) m Sarah Waters (1756-1837)

Elizabeth m. Osborne Roper


John 5th and Sarah Fulcher

Their children were

Sarah (1771-1778)

John 6th (1776-1816) who married Susannah Roper(1776-1847)

Thomas 2st and Hannah Wharton

Their children were

George (1801---)

Thomas 3rd(1803-1887) who married Mary Holman (1811-1891) They came to Canada in 1832

Robert m. Esther

They had a son Henry 2nd (1778-1866)

Generation 4

John 6th and Susannah Roper

Their children are

John 7th (1800----)

Thomas 4th (1801-1876) m Mary Anne (1803-1858)

Sarah (180-1825)

Robert (1806-1830)

Henry 3rd(1808-1840)

William (1816-1893) m Harriet Murton (1811-1804)

Generation 5

Thomas 4th and Mary Anne

Thier children are

Sarah Jane (1833-1865)


Elizabeth M Thomas Reynolds

Thomas 5th



Mary Ann

Ann Mary

Harriet Jane (1841-1931) m Walter Wright(1842-1926)

They had seven children

One was Arthur (1875-1957) who married Grace Evelyn Maling (1881-1972)

The New Canadians Generation 4

Thomas 3rd Rix and Mary Holman were born in England.

Their children were

Thomas 6th Rix (1832-1906) who was born Kent England

He married Margaret Dunlop(1832-1879)who was born in Calder, Lanankshire, Scotland.

George Joseph Rix (1834-1912) married Hattie Payne (1838-1921) They lived at Lot 6 Con 1 S Orillia. They retired to Smith St Orillia.

Willian Rix (1837-1925) married Eliza Goss (1837-1922)

Richard married Charlotte Smith (1844-1867) then married Francis Beard (1853-1933)

They farmed at lot 4 Con 2 S Orillia until 1893 then moved to Orillia

Joseph Rix (1843-1902)

John Jame Rix (1845-1932) married Maria Theresa Beard (1854-1922)

Susannah Rix(1849----) married George Smith.

Sarah Rix(1852----) married George James Smith. (----1910).

There is some confusion about the two couples above. According to the work done by the family in the 1960's, the above is correct.
To add to the confusion, the first George was apparently called James as well.
George James and Sarah both died in Toronto.

Generation 5

Thomas Rix 3rd and Margaret Dunlop's children

Margaret Cowan Rix (1852-1908) married John Logan Thompson (1848-1920)

Mary Rix (1854-1922) married Walter Black (1849-1907)

James Rix (1857-1931) married Minerva Walker (1871-1951)

Janet Rix (1858----)

Thomas Robert Rix 4th (1860-1975)

William John Rix (1862-1935) married Matilda Beard (1865-1939)

George Alexander Rix (1865-1945) married Sadie Gillespie (1876-1945)

Theodore (1863-)

Ruth Angeline (1865-1949) married Joseph Ellsmere (1854-1924)

After Margaret died Thomas Rix 3rd married Lucinda Irwin.

Thomas Rix 3rd and Lucinda Irwin's children

Elizabeth (1880-1967)

Herburt David Rix(1882-1928) married E. Pearl Wice (1891-1968).

Richard Wesley Rix (1884-1920)

A son who died at birth in 1884.

George Joseph Rix married Hattie Payne

They had nine children

Maria Sophia Rix(1858-1878) married Edward Francis Quick (1855-1949). After she died at 20 he married Ella Bella (below)

Anna Maria Rix(1860-1956) married John T Nelson (1857-1948)

Emma Jane Rix (1862-1916) married William Fawcett

Ella Bella Rix (1864-1948) married Edward Quick (above)

David T. Rix (1853-1937) married Mary Semple (----1899) then Emma Turner (1883-1959)

Susan Matilda Rix (1870-1943) married Richard Graham (1862-1932) then Arthur Beard

George Henry Rix (1872-1926) married Eliza Coroline Partridge Baker(1871-1919)

John Joseph Rix(1875-1889)

William Edward Rix(1879----) married Alta Huff

William Rix and Eliza Goss

Their children were:

Charles (1864-1952) who married Catherine Degeer

W. Francis (1866-1952) married Janet Walker (1874-1945)

John Rix (1868-1872)

Mary Rix (1870-1872)

Martha Rix (1870-1872)

Matilda Rix (1872----) married Rev. Joseph Dutton

Mary Jane Rix (1874-1946) married Rev, George Waugh (1870-1945)

Sarah Rix (1875-1925) married Frank Heard

Annie Eliza Rix (1878-1964) married Thomas Ball (1877-1967)

Richard Rix married Charlotte Smith

They had one child Charlotte (1867-1889)

Richard Rix then married Francis Beard

Thier children are:

Carrie Rix (1876-1940) married Alfred Parker (1876-1940)

Louis R. Rix (1879-1971) married Georgina Haywood (1881-1960).

Mabel L. Rix (1884-1945) married Wilson Elder (1887-1937).

Joseph Rix married Mary Cunningham Reid

Thier children were:

Susan Cunningham Reid Rix (1865---) married Thomas Carmichael

Jane Elizabeth Rix (1870---)

Sarah Cunningham Rix

Charlotte Rix

Mary Rix

John Rix

Herbert Rix

Alfred Rix

John James Rix married Maria Theresa Beard

Their children were:

Herb Rix

Clayton Rix

Edward Rix

Percy Rix

Berta Rix (1875-1953)
She married Alfred Ellis than Arthur Beard

Hazel (1875-----)
She married Frank Ballhorn

Arthur Rix (1876----)

Austin Rix (1893-----)

Susannah Rix married George Smith

Their children were;

Florence Smith

Fred Smith

Sarah Jane Rix married George James Smith

Their children were





Generation 6

Some people are omitted as no more is known, or are living

Margaret Cowan Rix (1852-1908) married John Logan Thompson

Information about John Logan Thompson is limited at this time.
His father John, owned East 1/2 (100 acres) at Lot 3 Concession 3. He purchased it in Nov. 1877, and it was sold by John Logan in 1913.

They had five children

Thomas Thompson (1879-1960) married Sarah Mclean (1870-1952)
They had one daughter Audrey. She never married

Mary Ellen Thompson (1882-1932) who married Arthur Beard (see Beard section)

Walter Thompson who died at 16

Maude, who married Albert Walker.
They had a daughter Mary
Maude then married his brother Wellington Walker.
They had three children, Velma, Lottie and Jim.

George Thompson who married Charlotte Bonney. They had eight children

Mary Rix married Walter Black

Their children are
Margaret Lillian (1875-1961) who married Charles Henry Horton (1876-1960)

Hector James (1876-1963) married Emily Ruth Bonney (1855-1959)

Thomas Alexander (1880-1943) married Lily Mae Coutts (1889-1964)

Catherine Elizabeth (1883-1970) married Donald Douglas Coutts (1880-1957)
They had two daughters

Marion Christine (1885-1974)married James Craig (1877-1959)
They had two sons and two daughters

Ruth Rachael (1887-1972) married George Robert Smith (1887-1952)
They had two sons and two daughters

Louis (1889) infant death

Mary Lucinda (1893-1982) married Ernest Harold Bonney (1893-1981)
They had two daughters and one son

Walter William (1893-1946) married Susan Ashford (1893-1946)

James married Minerva Walker

Thier children are

Mary (1894-1933) who married Frederick Peacock (1889-1957)
They had one daughter Fern

James (1896-1961) who married Christina McKay (1896-1977)
They had six children

William John Rix married Matilda Beard

They had a son Ernest M Rix

George Alexander Rix married Sadie Gillespie

They had a son Alexander and a daughter named Ruth

Ruth Angeline Rix married Joseph Thomas Ellsmere

Their children are

James A Ellsmere (1890-1946) married Mary Shellswell (1890-1968)
They had one daughter

Thomas J. Ellsmere (1892-1952) married Ann Henry (Martha?)
They had one daughter

George Joseph Ellsmere (1895-1951) married Agnes Shellswell

Elizabeth Ellsmere (1895-1929) married Walter Fawcett.

Charles Ellsmere (1898-1979) married Millie Hastings (1906-1942) then Annette Holtz (1819-1970). The first family had four children, the secong family had three.

Margaret Minerva Ellsmere (1900-1947) married Harry Brock (1906-1950)
They had a son and a daughter.

Edward Herbert (1903-1931)
He drowned at Meaford Ontario

Mary L. Ellsmere married A. McMaster then J Robert Kendrick (1894-1973)

Albert Ellsmere (1907-1984) married Enola Buswell They had a daughter

Ernest Ellsmere.
They had eight children

Sadie Ellsmere (1912-1937)

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