So what's wrong with Ibill? They aid some of the most persistent spammers on the net. After receiving multiple spams for,, and (formerly at, now, and complaining to the upstreams (,,,, etc.) to no avail, I included Ibill in the loop. They process credit card orders (possibly checks, too) for The Members Area. This is the account name used by these spammers.

I called the Ibill office and was told that I should send complaints to, which I did. No response.
After more spams, I started sending to other addresses besides fraud, abuse, and More spams arrive, and I feel like it's time to escalate again. I went to a Yahoo account (in case they were blocking my reports from the spammed account by now) and sent about a dozen copies of the spam to several ibill addresses, as well as, webmail, telstra addresses. Lather, rinse, repeat for two or three other spams. Did it today, and got these:

I have made the following alterations: Removal of the Yahoo address used, removal of the unique web token which would be used to confirm the subscription, and insertion of the html tag BR to avoid printing each e-mail as a single line


Focalex - With IP stamp


Cyberzine 1st Also with IP

Cyberzine 2nd Also with IP

The IP address listed in the 3 replies which include it is

ARIN shows the following info for it

Cable & Wireless USA (NETBLK-CW-O7BLK) CW-O7BLK -

Again according to ARIN, the contact info for Logicom is

Netname: CW-NETBK-ITS32282
Netblock: -

Administrator, DNS (DA712-ARIN) dnsadmin@IBILL.COM
+1-954-718-3000 (FAX) +1-954-724-2801

Record last updated on 08-May-2001.
Database last updated on 30-Dec-2001 19:54:44 EDT.


Further, according to, " has valid reverse DNS of"


Checked the account again, and there are about 8-10 more items acknowledging my "subscription". I'll see if I can get IP addresses for them, and let the site owners know who is trying to use them as mailbombers.

Pornmail 1

EmailErotica 1

Pornmail 2

TeenMail4Free 1 This one and the other one like it had some HTML & images that I couldn't easily get from Yahoo

Pornmail 3

Pornmail 4

TeenMail4Free 2 Missing HTML & images that I couldn't easily get from Yahoo

TeenMail4Free 3 Missing HTML & images that I couldn't easily get from Yahoo

Postmaster Direct

Update - Cartooney!

Cartooney threat from Ibill!

Note: this person's name & email address appear nowhere else except in his irate email!

My reply

The Spampire Strikes Back

My 2nd reply

Make your own judgement about the company, but keep this in mind - rather than terminate a customer, they chose to spend their time forge-subscribing someone who was fed up enough to complain. I find it amusing that they chose to try to subscribe me to companies which apparently use confirmed opt-in. If they also sent my address to other places, I'll be watching.

Disclaimer: You shouldn't send complaints to anyone in a company other than abuse, postmaster, or registered complaint addresses. You also shouldn't send multiple copies for a single spam. I believe in adhering to this as long as you have the slightest doubt about the character of the companies involved. Ibill, and the others involved in supporting these spammers, removed all doubt for me.

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