Ian Blakeman

I am 18, male and live in liverpool England. I have messy blask hair,blue eyes, near 6ft and I always try and wear black. I am a nice person and people say I can always make them laugh.

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My intrest and hobbies are drawing, using my computer, lissening to music, writing small storys and watching Animes (Japanese animation).I also enjoy reading comics and my favourites are Shadow Lady (Dark hourse comics, Spawn (Tod Mcarlane)and Futaba Kun change (CPM). I like watching Sci-fi and comedys and my favourites are star wars all of em and ne thing with jim carey in it. I am a student at college, studying computers but I work in Makro packing shelves, boring but good money.

Well i live with my Nan in her house with my Mum and Brother. My Mum is a great laugh and she can out drink me on a night out. (I don't drink much so it's easy.) My brother is football mad and I hate it so we don't get on much. My Nans alright but she hates me growing up. She always wants to look after me. The only other family memeber is my pet bird Charlie. He's a minor bird with an atitude.

My best friend I s a lad named Steven Woosey. He likes the same stuff as me but is more serious and is a treky. I like sci-fis as a whole but he is mad on Star trek! Their is also my class at collage who are all off their heads.