As a guest of the "Pocono Mountains Magic Club" you are entitled three guest visits. We encourage our perspective members to give the club a tryout first to see what we are all about. Then if a guest wishes to become a member he must fill out a local club membership form, pay the current years dues (prorated for the time of the year) and they must belong to one of the two major magic fraternities.

We expect our members to live up to the "Code Of Ethics" that are set forth by both national organizations. These include, but are not limited to :

   1.) You will never expose any magic secrets to the lay audience!
   2.) You will not place any other performer into peril while performing!
   3.) You will respect the opinions, ideas, and rights of all other members!
   4.) You will do your best to be the best represenative of your club and National Organization that you can be!
Thanks for your support of the "Pocono Mountains Magic Club"


Application For The SAM

Application For The IBM

Current PMMC Members and new PMMC Members (once approved) may pay thier annual club dues via PayPal by following the link below!!