The Pocono Mountains Magic Club 2008 Officers !!

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Secretary/Treasurer - Ross Wasielke- Send Mail

Members - Past And Present - Of Our Illustrious Organization!!

Kenny Baker
Ken started in magic in 1997 as a customer of "Danes Magic Shop". He spent many hours and dollars there learning all that he could about this fantastic thing called "Magic". In '97 he opened up "Kens Hobby Magic" where he sold magic supplies, hobby supplies, and collectibles. Ken was the founder of our IBM Ring in '98 and has given more than people know, to get it started and to keep it going. Ken was also a member of the Society Of American Magicians. Ken sadly passed away in December of 2007. The club performed a "Broken Wand" ceremony for him in March. Ken will be greatly missed by all of us.

Stephen Christopher
Stephen Christopher has loved magic since the age of 5 (a magic kit ordered from the back of a "Wheat Chex" box) and has performed magic on and off throughout his whole life, and in between various artistic and entrepreneurial endeavors. Over the last 4 years he has put all his energy into magic and has gotten the whole family involved. Stephen performs for young children as "Mr. Big Top" and performs a stage show for all ages together with his family as "The OptiMystiks".

Doug Gillette
Doug is a young magician who travels all the way from New Jersey to participate in every club activity. He has a real love for magic and it shows in his performance. Doug is one of our younger members and he already has had many successful paid performances through word of mouth advertising. Besides being at the top academically, Doug has been in several school plays.

Adam Nelson
Adam is a young magician from E. Stroudsburg. He has been performing since he was 4. His favorite magicians include Murray, Topaz, Silly Billy, and The Gamesters because of thier focus on originality. In his own magic, he prefers impromptu, close-up magic and is currently performing his "Music Magic Show". Adam is one of those talented fellows who will create something magical with whatever item happens to be it a coin, cards, or even a pen!! He has demonstrated this talent several times during our Library Night performances. Adam is a true scholar of the art.

S. Patrick
The founder of "S. Patrick Magical Entertainment" S. Patrick has been performing professionally for over 17 years. Not just a magician, S. is also a Pro MC, Stand-Up Comedian, and Disc Jockey. S. has won several talent competitions and from '90 to '93 performed on board a Gulf Coast Casino Cruise Ship. S. performs comedy magic, childrens shows, and walkaround magic. S. is a past Secretary, Vice-President, and President, and current President of our club, and someone who we can always count on to volunteer his services. He's ALWAYS prepared. S. has also just been appointed to be the Territorial Vice-President For Eastern Pennsylvania. S. is in charge of the well-being of 8 different IBM Rings in Eastern PA.

Joseph Raven
Joseph Raven has been performing since he was a child in Puerto Rico and even took first place in an I.B.M. sponsored competition as a young man. Over the years he has honed his talents and they have served him well. Joe has performed his magic at fairs, churches, and resorts all over the Poconos. On March 23rd 2002 Joe suffered a serious injury during a performance. He has demonstrated the true spirit of "Magic From The Heart" as he continues to move bravely ahead. Since the accident Joe has found himself focusing more on the "Power Of Magic". Now his focus is getting sharper than ever, and his magic is becoming more and more REAL!! Joe has recently dubbed himself "The Ambassador Of Magic". Joe is our clubs link to many local organizations.

Steve O.
Steve O is a student of "sleight-of-hand" magic and likes all magic that is performed "impromptu" and "off the cuff". He is a fan of the dramatic and theatrical style of magician, Jeff Mcbride. Steve O loves to draw, write, and is involved in the theater program at Delaware Valley High School and performs throughout NY., NJ., and PA. with the "Optymistics" and is always coming up with great ideas to improve thier show!! He has been working on his own stage act...a very origional and unique "card" act. Steve O. is one of our up and comng younger magicians.

Mike "The Carpenter" Charney
We first met him as "Mike The Carpenter" (he is in the carpenters union in N.Y.C.). He enjoys performiung close-up magic wherever he home or at work. You can witness the real power of magic just by the look in Mikes eyes when he is watching or performing magic. He truly demonstrates that youthful quality of wonder and excitement. Mike is always ready to show us something new!!

R.T. Showmann
Beginning at 17 years of age, R.T. Showmann currently "works the streets" with a unique brand of close-up magic. He is inspired by the likes of Paul Harris, James Cellini, and Gazzo. Showmann is an aspiring performer who dreams of traveling the entire world, presenting his "intimate miracles" with people of all beliefs, cultures and interests. R.T. Showmann's magic is EXTREME, IN-YOUR-FACE, and overall ENTERTAINING. Keep your eye on this bright, young talent!!

Patrick Herman
Patrick Herman has always had an interest in magic. Since the mid 90's he has been become a "Professional Student". Patrick mostly enjoys close-up magic and always finds himself drawn back to the pasteboards. He enjoys designing new effects, and loves the challenge of solving a magical puzzle. You will occasionally see his magical thoughts at in the "Proving the Impossible" section. Use this link to see his WINNING SOLUTION from the Volume 3, Number 12 issue.

Kerri Toman
Kerri is the wife of long time magician S. Patrick. She has been fascinated with magic since high school when a friend she knew did magic. (that would be her now husband). Ever since then, she has watched magic and tried to figure out many tricks and illusions. She has accompanied her husband on magic shows and helped him prepare for his shows for the last eight years. Magic has been a prominent part of her life. Kerri has joined our club and has become our club President in 2006. She has come up with some wonderful ideas to obtain new memberships and to also get the name of the club out there for all aspiring magicians. She brings a certain "outsider looking in" concept to the club. This will enable her to help the club from a non-magician point of view. She looks forward to being more involved with the club and to be a lifetime member.

Justin McWilliams
Justin started at 5 years old. He got started because of his grandfather and great-grandfather who were magicians. Unfortunately, Justin passed away a few years ago. We in the PMMC send our condolences to both his extended families.

Aaron Martin
Aaron is 16 years old and started performing in December 2003. he loves performing walk-a-round magic with people on the street. His friend Mark Carbonaro got him involved when they were doing a small video for a school project. His father, Jack, has already proven to be an invaluable asset to the club as he has helped Kenny build a stage for our meeting room at Kens shop.

Burt Ebel
Burt has been performing magic for a long time and got his start performing in New Jersey. he has been a member of the national SAM for over 25 years. Burt enjoys performing close-up and walkaround magic and is always ready to lend a hand. Burt was the first local SAM Assembly President before the SAM and IBM clubs merged in 2002. Burt and wife Heidi have created a new SAM Assembly in the Tobyhanna area. New assemblies are the key to a successful organization and everyone in the PMMC wish SAM Assembly 285 all the best.

Pete Velucci
Pete is the newest member of our club and has already made an impact. His favorite type of magic is walk-around and close up. Pete came to the club to learn and grow as a magician and he is well on his way.

Heidi Ebel
Heidi has supported the club in numerous ways. She has been instrumental in putting together our meeting room at Kens shop, helping with the membership drive, and communicating with both national organizations. Together with Burt they have created SAM Assembly 285 in Tobyhanna. Good luck.

Austin Miller
Austin is an official member of the Pocono Mountains Magic Club. He is S. Patrick and Kerris' son so you kow that there is magic in his blood. He is 12 years old now but he has already started performing magic, and has a firm grasp of the basic magic concepts. Austin will go a long way if he continues with the magicial arts. Austin has performed for his school and on TV twice for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Telethon.

Dean Kazann
Dean is one of our few non-magical members, but Dean is one of our more active members. Dean works in Kens Hobby Magic and is often behind the scenes working on the magic building, preparing for the Sunday Bingo club sponsored activity, and is always ready to help out the club.

Jim Dunning
Jim Dunning was a member of the organization near the beginnging and took some time off. We are glad to have him back and consider him one of the "founding fathers" of our club. Jim was instrumental in making sure our Bingo game was successful and is a very talented performer as well.

Ross The Mentalist
Ross the Mentalist is a recent transplant from New York City, and we welcome Ross to our group. Ross specialises in "Magic of the Mind". From the moment he joined the club Ross became a valuable addition. Ross is now in charge of our printed club newsletter, and is now our 2006 club Secretary. Check out Ross at his website at

Ryne Gade
Ryne is now the youngest member of our organization but is a quick study and has already gone out to perform public shows in his community. Ryne comes to the club meetings courtesy of his dad Bill who, along with his wife Deanne, support Ryne all the way with his magic. Ryne wants to perform professionally and given a few years of experience he could do it. Austin has also found a new friend in Ryne as well. Welcome Ryne.

Richard Saldan
Richard Saldan has been performing his "Motivational Magic" illusion show for several years. After learning about the club from the Red Cross Blood Drive the members hosted in February (2006) Richard joined up and has been an active member ever since. Check out his website at .

Odes Odhner
Imagine, if you will: It is one hundred years ago to the day.

You are at a dinner party, and the clearing of the dessert dishes marks the end of a superb meal made even better by pleasant conversation amongst the company of friends and peers. As you rise from the table, your hosts announce that they have a wonderful surprise in store for everybody this evening.

They have invited a Magician. There is a murmer of excited exclamations. An aura of mystery and mystique precedes those who practice the Arcane Arts. They are said to be capable of things both unprecedented and...unnatural. What will he do? What manner of impossibilities will be exercised at the magician's whim and will? To what wonders of the more mysterious world will you bear witness? Eager to see, ready to be enthralled, you and the other guests retire to the parlor.

There the Magician, cloaked in enigma, awaits...

This is the aura, the attitude, which Odes Odhner strives to recapture and is driven to create, in the here and now, for you and your guests. It's a new era, and it's time to make Magick mysterious again. No tacky Day-Glo props. No vaudville excess. No comedy of dubious comedic value, or stories you're certain are used for the Kids' Show as well. No jarring antics and bombastic banter. No balloon animals or juggling. No greasepaint or sequined suits. Give your guests something different, something they'll remember and talk about: Magickal Entertainment.

Odin's Eye Magical Entertainment offers Parlor Shows in a variety of Sets and Themes, each of them unique, each offering Magick unlike any you may have known, unlike anything you may have imagined.

"Serious Magick, for Serious Entertainment"

Christian Simpson
Welcome Christian!! Christian Simpson is the newest member of our club and is already performing with us. Christian made his TV debut on the Red Cross telethon recently. Christian is new to magic but is learning everyday.

Tim Shook
Welcome Tim!!!