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Welcome to our caucus home page!

This is the web site of the International Black Professionals and Friends in TESOL (IBPFT). We are a caucus within the association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc, (TESOL), a global professional organization of English language educators. We are committed to promoting, encouraging, and increasing diversity within both the association and the field of teaching English as a second/foreign language. Mindful of our commitment, we strive to promote, nurture, and enhance the professional development of not only TESOL members of Black heritage but of ESL professionals of color as a whole. We do so by offering our membership opportunities to speak on matters they perceive as pertinent and critical to their professional welfare. To this end, members have a number of channels at their disposal: our newsletter, our E-list, and our colloquium held annually at the TESOL Convention.

This site addresses the philosophy and performance of all who use it. As a continually growing and changing resource, we welcome thoughtful and intelligent comments and suggestions to help us better serve our caucus supporters and member community.

Thanks for visiting our site.  We appreciate your time.

TESOL Diversity Policy

"Be it resolved that TESOL take a strong advocacy position against discrimination that affects the "employment and professional lives of the TESOL membership" (TESOL Forward Plan, revised 1999) on the grounds of race, ethnicity, nationality, language background, disability, medical/health condition, including AIDS and/or HIV status, age, religion, gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation."

TESOL anti-discrimination statement  - amended October 2001

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