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The Dilemma of Muslim women

A challenging lecture shedding light on the oppression of Muslim women in the Muslim World and the dilemma of finding viable Islamic solutions in today's climate of distrust and misunderstanding. This tape is a must for all those who are involved in repairing the Muslim Ummah and exploring the changes needed to overcome the obstacles faced in marriage, raising children and establishing a just Islamic community. Delivered at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

- Some of the current Dilemmas:
- Violence in the home
- No access to education
- Ignorance of their Islamic Rights
- No access to Islamic activities
- Lack of unity between Muslim sisters
- Absence of strong Islamic Leadership
- Western propaganda and distortion of Islam


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Holiday Myths

Revealing the truth
Christmans, New Year's Eve, St. Valentine's Day
Easter and Halloween


This study is intended to provide clear information about religious-based, cultural events that have been accepted as "national" celebrations, but are really peculiar to specific belief systems.

The world has undoubtedly become a global village where the influence of people on each other is profound. Events that occur in a village in India or near the Great Wall of China can be beamed into the homes of people in America and Africa. It is, therefore, critical for Muslims and people of conscience to have insight and knowledge of religious history and culture, so that they are able to analyse dominant cultural trends and put them into the proper perspective.


- Preservation Of The Holy Quraan

- Scholars of Islam

Seyyed Hussein Nasr
Professor Amina Wadud Muhsin
Dr Jamal Badawi
John L Esposito

- Women in Islam

- The Guests Of God

- Dome Of The Rock

- Spanish Muslims

- Life and Death Of Malcolm X
(rel. nfo)*

- Understanding Islamic Peace: Seyyed Hussein Nasr


* This unique video captures the essence of America’s most influential
and articulate Muslim leader, Al-Hajj Malik Al Shabazz.
It shows the continuous struggle he undertook to search
for the truth and defend the oppressed as his own convictions
evolved. Malcolm X’s life and struggles deserve to be known
and appreciated by all American Muslims.


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