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USB Software
icJAL 6.0
to access ring tones, wallpaper & Java Apps
iDEN Updates
• Companion Pro
• USB Modem Driver
• Motorola Support
 Motorola Download

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Special Price $14.95

USB Data Hotsync Cable w/build in charging function (Transfer Data & Charge at the Same time)
This is NOT the same USB cable that other dealers are offering, this is a "HOTSYNC DATA" cable that has the build in charging function already, it will not just transfer data; it will auto charge your phone whenever you plug it into your PC's USB slot.
(Most other cables will require you to either plug your travel charger (outside power) during charge or do not offer charging function)

Please Read Before Installation

First thing’s first, don’t plug you phone into the computer till all of this is installed!!!

Download the Wireless Modem Drivers, and then go to your control panel. Open Phone and Modem Options; if it asks for location information just fill it in. Go to the Modems tab at the top, and then click ADD. To save time, check off the “Don’t Detect Modem” box. Click the Have Disk option and use the file you just downloaded. Choose Motorola iDen USB Modem. Click NEXT; Choose ALL PORTS and click next. Now download the USB SOFTWARE, install it and you should be all set to plug in your phone and data cable.  

One thing I must mention is if you decide to update the firmware on your i90c you’ll lose all your java apps and a few others things too, I’m not certain if you lose your ring tones, it’s possible though. You’ll be able to see your recent calls with the flip down by pressing the square button and using the ringer volume control switch to scroll up and down. Don’t ever update the firmware to your i95cl though! Motorola has made an attempt to disallow you to add your own ring tones, wallpapers, and maybe java apps. They are more interested in you buying theirs.

When coping a program to a phone you must have all JAVA Apps shut off and then make sure that you copy both the JAR & JAD files to the phone.

Naturally the USB is only supported by win98 SE and win2000 pro. In the registry you can change all that.

If you are having trouble trying to get the USB support from you software click on the link below and open it, you’ll be all set.


This will edit you registry entries for the usb cable.

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