My Day As A Powerpuff Girl

A Photo Essay by Susie Kew

(A 'fantasy' fanfic by Gary Curtis [Icekings])
Powerpuff Girls created by Craig McCracken and all related characters owned by Cartoon Network

My name is Susie Kew and I am 7 years old. This is my story about how I got to be a Powerpuff Girl for a day. (In case you don't know who I am, I'm the kid who was snorkeling in my pool when Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles came over to invite me to their slumber party). My Dad took the pictures.

It all started one Sunday afternoon when a bunch of us girls in the neighborhood were playing hopscotch in the park. It was getting pretty close to supper time for some of us, so we decided to call it quits. We were all saying goodbye to each other for a few days, probably. I might not get to see the Powerpuffs until the next weekend because they go to Pokey Oaks Kindergarten and I go to Pokey Oaks Elementary, where I'm in the second grade; and they're pretty busy all week with school and saving the world and stuff.

So I was surprised when Buttercup whispered, "Hey, Susie, wait here 'til everyone else leaves, 'kay?"

I did, but I wondered what they wanted to talk to me about. They floated next to me as I walked the two blocks from the park to my house. "What's up?" I asked.

"We were wondering if you'd do us a favor." Bubbles said.

Me, do the Powerpuff Girls a favor? I couldn't think of how, but I said, "For you guys, I'd do anything. Just name it!"

"Well..." Blossom started. "I feel kinda funny saying this...but we're getting to be too popular around here."

"That's bad?" I asked. I knew they liked it when people cheered them, so it didn't make sense. Then, all of a sudden, it did. "What, somebody thinks your heads are getting too big and said something mean? Who was it? Tell me! I'll show them!"

But they all just started giggling.

"A lot of people think our heads are too big." Buttercup laughed. "But that's not it."

"No, Susie, we try not to listen to meanies, anyway." Bubbles said. "We have a diff'rent problem."

"You see," Blossom began, "We're getting so popular that we're being asked to make public appearances. You know, like at shopping malls and stuff."

"Keeewwl!!" I shouted.

"Yeah, it is pretty cool." Buttercup agreed.

"So what's the problem? And where do I come in?"

"The problem is, Susie," Blossom explained, "that we're getting popular outside of Townsville, too. We can't make everybody happy and do our job of saving the day, too."

"So the promoters came up with the idea to have kids dressed like us do it for us!" Bubbles said. She was real excited.

"And if it works out OK, there'll be kids doing it all over the country!" Buttercup said happily.

"And you guys want me to...?" I was so surprised and happy I couldn't finish my sentence. Then I thought of something and was worried that maybe they didn't think about it. "But, everyone'll know it isn't really you. Won't they be mad?"

Buttercup frowned at me. "Aw, c'mon! When you go to Townsville Mall to see Santa, do you really think it's him?"

"'Course not, silly!" I laughed. "Everybody knows it's just one of his helpers 'cause the real Santa's too busy and..."

"Exactly!" my three friends yelled.

"Oh, I get it now! But, why me?" I didn't go to school with them. I played with them after school, but I knew they had to have better friends than me.

Buttercup said, "We told 'em OK, but only if some of our friends got the chance to be us, here in Townsville."

"Only when we saw the costumes, we knew there was gonna be a problem." Blossom told me. "They were made for nine-year-olds. We think a lot of radio station people have nine-year-old daughters or something, because they told us they already had who they wanted."

Well, I might not be nine, but I'm big for seven. Lucky me.

"Did they complain much?"

Blossom said, "They weren't too happy, but I reasoned with them and they saw it my way."

"Nuh uh!" Bubbles complained. "It was 'cause I aksed them, 'Pretty please?"

Buttercup growled, "Ah, yer both full of it! It was because I gave 'em my 'Look of Death'!"

Blossom didn't like that and made a face at Buttercup, but she just said, "Susie, you're our only friend who's big enough. Will you do it?"

All of a sudden I was nervous about being in front of a bunch of strangers. I think they could tell.

"Aw, relax!" Buttercup said. "All you gotta do is just walk out on stage and wave. You don't have to say anything and they won't be putting wires on you and flying you around or nothin' dangerous."

Bubbles smiled at me. "'Sides, nobody'll know it's you in there!"

"Yeah." Blossom added. "That's one of the rules. You're never 'sposed to take off your head in front of the audience."

I wondered why that mattered, if everybody knew I was just one of the Powerpuff Girls' 'helpers'. But I didn't really care that much.

We were to my house and I said, "If my Mom and Dad say it's OK, count me in!"

I ran inside. My Dad was reading the paper in the living room. I was so excited I'm not sure I was making any sense, but he just said, "Go ask your mother.", without looking up.

My Mom was in the kitchen making dinner. "Go ask your father."

I ran back outside. "They said yes!"


"OK, which one of us do you wanna be?" Buttercup asked.

Uh, oh. I never thought about that. I could only be one of them. I didn't want to hurt anybody's feelings. So I did the 'eenie-meenie' thing and ended up on Bubbles. I was surprised that they all seemed to be just as happy. I guess it didn't matter to them because they knew it really wasn't going to be them.

"Great!" Blossom said. "It's next Saturday at Townsville Mall, near the food court. There's two shows, at eleven and one, but they want you there at nine so you can get dressed and they'll explain everything to you."

"Yeah." Buttercup continued. "They're gonna have like a tent or something set up in back of the stage for you."

"With pizza and ice cream and cookies!" Bubbles cried happily.

"Wow!" I said. "Too bad you guys won't be there."

"Oh, we'll be there." Buttercup said. "No way are we missing out on all that good stuff!"

Blossom made it make sense for me. "We'll just be in the mall office, watching it on TV. They don't want anybody seeing us."

"Oh, goodie! I'm glad you're gonna be there. I'll be less nervous that way. I hope I don't mess things up!"

"Don't worry, Susie, you're gonna do just fine!" Bubbles told me. Then her eyes got real big. "Hey, what was that?"

"I heard it, too, Bubbles!" Blossom said. "It's the professor picking up the phone!"

"Oh boy!" Buttercup shouted. "Cheeseburgers!" And she took off.

"Pizza!" Bubbles yelled, and followed her.


Blossom took off, too. They all turned and waved. "'Bye, Susie! Thank you!"

I waved and thanked them, too, but I didn't think it was enough. This was going to be the biggest day in my life and I knew the next week was going to go by real slow.

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