By Gary Curtis

Powerpuff Girls created by Craig McCracken and all related characters owned by Cartoon Network.



The City of Townsville is a happy, cheerful place where everyone loves doing their favorite things. Not only do they love doing them, but they are very good at them, too.

Ms. Keane loves to teach, and she is the very best teacher in all of Pokey Oaks.

The Mayor of Townsville loves being the mayor, and he is very good at making all kinds of mistakes. His assistant, Ms. Bellum, doesn't love fixing all of those mistakes, but she DOES love Townsville. She is very good at fixing all the things that the Mayor does wrong.

Professor Utonium loves to make things in his laboratory. Not everything he makes comes out good, but three things that he made are the best things that ever happened to Townsville. The POWERPUFF GIRLS!

Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles each have their favorite things to do and they are very good at them. But the thing they love doing the most is fighting crime and saving Townsville and its citizens from all the bad things that happen. Nobody is better at doing it than they are.

Yes, all over Townsville, folks go about being good at the things they love to do, and love doing good things.

But, not everyone loves doing good things. One evil creature loves to do bad things, and nobody in all of Townsville is better at being bad than... Mojo Jojo! This green-skinned monkey likes to commit crimes and try to destroy the Powerpuff Girls. He is the best worst villain in town.

One Thursday afternoon, he decided to rob the Townsville Bank. On the way, he passed by Townsville Hall and saw workers busily making something out of wood. It looked to him like they were building a stage for some kind of outdoor event. All of the workers were smiling because they loved to build things.

Mojo Jojo thought, "I wonder why those workers are working on that thing here instead of some other place, which is where they would be working on it if they were there instead of here?"

Just then, the Powerpuff Girls appeared in the sky over his head. They were carrying more wood for the workers. They saw Mojo Jojo and stopped. They floated down to where he was.

"Hey, Mojo Jojo, what evil are you up to now?" pink-eyed, red-haired Blossom asked him.

The dark-haired girl's green eyes flashed angrily. "You better not be thinking about robbing the bank!" Buttercup said, giving him her fiercest look, which was something she loved to do.

"Yeah, Mojo Jojo, you better be good because we don't have time for you being bad!" blue-eyed Bubbles exclaimed, her blonde pigtails flattened by the stack of boards she held on top of her head.

The evil monkey was surprised. "Muahahahaha!" he laughed. "The Powerpuff Girls do not have time to stop me, Mojo Jojo, from committing a crime? Then I must hurry up and rob the bank, so I can rob the jewelry store before it closes!"

He pretended to be sad. " But tell me, Girls, what are you so busy with that you don't have time for poor old Mojo?"

Blossom said, "Townsville is having a big party RIGHT HERE at TEN O'CLOCK on SATURDAY MORNING!"

Mojo loved parties but because he was evil, he never got invited to any. But if it was going to be right here in town, everybody could come to it, even him.

"A gathering of people for celebrating some happy occasion?" asked the evil chimpanzee.

"No, dummy, a party. And if you rob the bank, I'm gonna drop this load of wood right on your head!" Buttercup told him, with a big frown on her face.

"Then we'll have to clean up the mess and go get more wood and put you in jail." Blossom said.

"And we won't have time to do all that and have the party, too!" Bubbles whined sadly.

Blossom gave him her sternest look. "So you better not commit ANY crimes between now and the party!"

"Ok, Ok! I will not commit any crimes between now and ten o'clock Saturday morning!" Mojo Jojo promised. He wanted to go to the party.

"Thank you, Mojo!" Blossom said. "Come on, Girls, we've got lots to do!"


* * * * * * * * * *


The very next day, Friday, Mojo Jojo got up early. He was very excited about the party and couldn't wait to start spying through his big super-powered telescope. That was another thing he loved to do, and he wanted to find out more about the party.

But first he had to eat a nutritious breakfast and read the newspaper, which he did every morning. As he was eating and reading, he became angrier and angrier.

"There is nothing in this newspaper about any party, for if there was, I would know by having read it!"

He turned on the television and flipped through all of the channels that showed the morning news. There wasn't anything about the party on TV, either.

"Those accursed Powerpuff Girls have fooled Mojo Jojo once again! They have tricked me into not committing crimes! Well, today I WILL commit a crime! I will destroy that thing they are building, so that there cannot BE a party!"

He smiled at the idea of doing something nasty, but then his eyes opened wide.

"Wait! The Powerpuff Girls may be tricky but they do not lie. It must be a SURPRISE PARTY! But, for who?"

He ran to his telescope. The workers were in front of Townsville Hall, busily sawing and hammering. At the post office, he saw big bags with the word 'invitations' on the outside, being loaded into mail trucks. He spied on the home of Rainbow the Clown, who was happily making balloon animals. He didn't see the Powerpuff Girls anywhere, but he knew they were in school. After school, they would be busy helping.

There was going to be a party, after all! He had better be a good monkey, just for another day. It was going to be very hard to go another whole day without doing something evil. But he was really looking forward to this party!

All his spying didn't help him find out who the surprise party would be for. It was probably for the mayor. You could plan the whole thing right under that guy's nose and he still wouldn?t know.


* * * * * * * * * *


Meanwhile, at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten, the Powerpuff Girls and all of their classmates were busy making things for the party. Bubbles and four other girls were happily drawing large block letters and numbers on blue and purple construction paper. Buttercup, Mitch Mitchelson and another boy were under the watchful eye of their teacher, Ms. Keane, as they cut out with scissors the letters and numbers the other girls were drawing. Blossom supervised another group of children who were pasting the letters on a large white sign board. That group included Harry Pitt and Elmer Sglue, and Blossom had to make sure Harry didn't get the sign dirty and Elmer didn't eat all the paste.

Bubbles was full of joy, even more than normal, and she cried out happily, "This is going to be the bestest party Townsville ever had!"

Buttercup stopped cutting and frowned. "I bet Mojo messes it all up!"

"Oh, I don't think so." Blossom said confidently, but then she got a worried look on her face. "Maybe we should tell Ms. Bellum to hide all the presents, just in case!"


* * * * * * * * * *


Back at Mojo Jojo's hideout, the evil monkey looked through his telescope again and watched a lady take a letter out of her mailbox. She opened it up and while she was reading it, he read it, too.

'You are invited to the big party tomorrow at ten o'clock at Townsville Hall. Unless Mojo Jojo commits a crime before then, then we won't be able to have the party. Signed, Mayor Mayor.'

"Hmmm", Mojo thought while scratching his ear. "It is not a surprise party for the Mayor. Maybe it is not a surprise at all, but just a party that I will be going to once I get my invitation!"

But Mojo Jojo never got one. He watched every mail truck in Townsville drive down every street but none of them came by his lair in Central Park. He was very angry.

"So once again Mojo Jojo does not get an invitation to a party to which he is not invited! Townsville will pay for this!"


* * * * * * * * * *


Early on Saturday morning, Mojo Jojo made himself a nutritious breakfast, for even evil super-villains need to start out the day right. Then he busied himself getting his giant Robo Jojo ready to spoil the party that he didn't get invited to. Just before ten o'clock, he climbed up into the seat of the big robot and closed the glass bubble over his head, then pushed the red button to start it. He grinned evilly as he thought about the sadness he would cause when the party was ruined by him, Mojo Jojo.

"So, they think Mojo does not like parties. I will show them that I am a real party animal! Muahahahahaha!!!"

The robot took big steps across the park. Mojo soon came upon Townsville Hall. He could see a large crowd had already gathered around the brand-new stage. Many children were holding little balloon animals and there was a line of people leading to Rainbow the Clown, who was making more of them and giving them out as fast as he could. On one side of the stage was a large table with a gigantic cake that said 'Congratulations!' on it. It was decorated with pink, green and blue icing. On the other side of the stage was an even bigger table covered with presents all wrapped in colorful paper with bright pink, green and blue ribbons and bows. A little farther away was a huge orange and green striped cover that looked almost like a circus tent. There was something big under there and a crane was nearby, waiting to lift the cover off.

Mojo became even angrier when he saw those things. "I bet there is a statue under there! Today must be Powerpuff day! Those accursed girls talked me into being a good monkey so that I would not ruin THEIR party, which I will now ruin! I do not see them, which is good. If they were here now, I would not be wrecking the celebration that they are not present at."

Many of the townspeople saw him coming and pointed at the robot. "Look, there's Mojo Jojo!" they shouted. With glee, Mojo pushed the button to fire his laser beam, and a bright red ray shot out and blew up the table with all the gifts.

"Direct hit!" the evil monkey crowed as he watched little pieces of cardboard box, wrapping paper and ribbon float down through the smoke. He spun the robot around and a giant steel foot lifted up, then crashed down right into the middle of the cake. Cake and frosting went flying everywhere.

"Splat! Ah, chocolate AND vanilla! Mojo LOVES parties! Muahahahaha!!"

It was time to go smash the Powerpuff Girls statue under the tent. Just then he heard the sound he knew so well. It was the Powerpuff Girls, flying in to save the day. He knew he was going to get it from them, but he didn't care.

Blossom gave the glass bubble one good kick and it broke. They flew in to get him, but he just bared his big, sharp teeth and gloated.

"Oh, Powerpuff Girls. Wonderful party. Too bad you missed it! Muahahahaha!!

"Oh, the fun's just starting, Mojo!" Blossom replied with an evil grin to match his. Each girl grabbed him by his purple cape with one hand and pulled him out of the robot.

Mojo wasn't bothered. "But don't worry, girls. There is still plenty to celebrate. By convincing me to be good and then not inviting me to your party, you have helped Mojo commit his greatest evil deed yet!"

"You sure did!" Buttercup said with a huge grin.

"Yeah, Mojo Jojo!" Bubbles smiled at him. "You did great!"

"Huh?" asked the confused super-villain.

Mojo noticed that the girls were all smiling and the people on the ground were too, instead of running to get away from his evil robot. The girls took him to the stage where the mayor was standing with his assistant, Sara Bellum.

"What is going on here?" Mojo yelled. "Why are you accursed people all smiling at the evil Mojo Jojo when you should be cowering before my doing of bad and rotten things?"

The mayor stepped forward and pulled out from behind his back a gold-colored object. "On behalf of the City of Townsville, it is my great honor to present you, Mojo Jojo, with the key to the city, on this historic occasion of your one-millionth crime!"

"Hooray!" The townspeople cheered and clapped their hands. "YAY!" shouted the Powerpuff Girls.

"One MILLION?!" Mojo asked as he accepted the key.

"Yep!" said Blossom. "That's why you couldn't commit any crimes until now, or it would have ruined the party."

Buttercup smiled happily at the shocked super-villain. "And we knew by not inviting you, you'd be mad enough to come down here and smash the fake presents!"


"Uh huh!" Bubbles giggled and pointed at the big covered object. "Look over there, Mojo!"

The cover went up and there was the huge sign the Pokey Oaks class had made, with "Congratulations, Mojo!" and '1,000,000' in blue and purple letters and numbers on white. Another giant cake was decorated the same way and the pile of presents was also wrapped in paper, ribbons and bows in the colors of Mojo's cape and suit.

"For me?" the green-skinned chimp asked, wiping a tear from his eye.

"That much evil-doing takes a special super-villain!" said the mayor. "And nobody does it better than you, Mojo Jojo!"

More 'Hoorays!' were heard as the crowd threw Mojo onto their shoulders and carried him off to his cake and presents. The Powerpuff Girls floated happily alongside.

The townspeople began to sing, "For he's a jolly good villain, for he's a jolly good villain, for he's a jolly good vill-ain...which nobody can deny!"

Mojo wiped another tear away and said, "They like me! They really like me!" Then his face became angry. "Hey, wait a minute! I am bad, evil, rotten! I am someone to fear and not be liked, therefore you should fear and not like me!"

Buttercup scowled at him. "Ah, relax, Mojo, and just have fun for once, will ya?"

"Yeah, Mojo." Bubbles agreed, with a grin and a twinkle in her blue eyes. "We know tomorrow you'll be right back starting on two million."

Mojo smiled his evil smile. "Indeed. They DO say the first million is the hardest!"

Blossom smiled, too. "We wouldn't have it any other way, Mojo!"

Then, everyone was off to celebrate. Starting tomorrow, they would go back to doing the things they loved to do and were very good at. Mojo would continue to commit the evil deeds he loved and did better than any super-villain. The Powerpuff Girls would do what they loved and stop him, which no one did better. And when it came time to have fun, no one loved to party more, or threw a better one, than the good people of Townsville.

And so, the day, and the party, were saved...thanks to the Powerpuff Girls!


Author's notes: This story was an attempt to 'write down' to a young audience in hopes of having it accepted by Scholastic Books for young children. I submitted it to Cartoon Network late September 2002 and after six months gave up hope of hearing anything. It's obviously not my normal style of writing. I did, in fact, feel exactly like I was 'writing down' and I learned that it's not for me. If I ever make it to the ranks of professional author, I will be doing it on my terms, writing in a manner that feels natural and is pleasing to me.

Story written September 2002.


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