A Powerpuff Girls/Samurai Jack ‘fantasy’ crossover

By Gary Curtis (Icekings)

Powerpuff Girls created by Craig McCracken

Samurai Jack created by Genndy Tartakovsky

All related characters owned by Cartoon Network

This story is broken into chapters, each individually named (like the old serials). The links at the ends of chapters take you to the next. If you would rather read the entire story, or download it and read at your convenience, CLICK HERE.



Author's Notes: This story was inspired by the pilot for the Samurai Jack series, in which we see a ruined Townsville in the future. My gut reaction to seeing that was "Oh no! That means the girls are…GONE!" A distressing thought indeed for anyone who loves the girls. What happens here puts that idea to rest. Then, there's the obvious Jack/Professor physical resemblance. Additionally, this story gave me the opportunity to address a few other things that have been on my mind for a long time. First, my disappointment with the way the Powerpuff episode 'Speed Demon' ended, and second, an exploration of the relationship between the girls and their Number One enemy, Mojo. As a result, the continuity of both shows is tweaked slightly, making this strictly a 'fantasy' fanfiction.




"I will find you, Aku!"

The samurai known only by the name of Jack stood on the crest of a foothill in the mountain range he was passing through. Below him in the valley, between the mountains and the ocean that lay just beyond, sat more of the shape-shifting demon’s handiwork. What had once been a great city now lay destroyed. Some years ago, it appeared, as he saw no flames or smoke.

The warrior, weary after many days of travel, pulled his magical sword from his belt and raised it, the blade pointing to the blazing midday sun. It always seemed to give him strength when he needed an extra burst of resolve, and it did so now. In his endless trek to find his way home to his own time, he had borne witness to countless scenes of destruction and the misery of creatures of all types, victims of the evil spawned by Aku. He was seeing more of it. His angular facial features twisted into a mask of rage and set themselves like a slab of granite.

Completing his quest and escaping this terrible future meant that scenes like this one would never occur in the first place. But the suffering he encountered was real, and the sense of duty and honor instilled in him by his father made him do what he could to lessen it. At times, those qualities had caused him to sacrifice the chance to go home when it lay before him, in favor of saving those victimized. He knew that if whatever the ways home that presented themselves to him did work, then the victims would be spared the fate that had led them to where they were. None of it would have ever happened. But something told him that those ‘ways home’ were illusions, that to take those ways out would be to give in to temptation, which was only one of the many tricks up Aku’s sleeve. That, he could not do.

No, the only way home was to meet Aku face-to-face and destroy it. Evil is a coward and avoids personal confrontations, relying on the weakness of others to do its work for it. But Aku would take him on if it believed the odds were in its favor. The ocean the samurai was seeing in the distance was a symbol to him, a sign that there was no place left to go, that the fight would take place here. Of course, he had fought Aku’s minions in the seas before, but something told him that today was the day. He lowered the sword and replaced it in his belt, at his left side.

"And when I find you, I will finish what was begun so long ago. No more will you do what you have done in this place!"

The warrior began making his way down the hillside, estimating a few hours’ walk until he reached the outskirts of the ruined city. He wondered if there were any life left there at all, any ally he could find, or if evil ruled there as well. An ominous rumbling came from behind him. He turned to see in the distance an approaching storm. Flashes of lightning lit up the dark mass. It was many hours away yet and just a storm, but Jack smiled. In the thunder’s rumbling he thought he heard the voice of Aku, saying, "Very well, Samurai. I will grant you your wish!"


CHAPTER ONEWeekend Plans


"Girls! You’ll be late for school again!"

Professor Utonium stood at the bottom of the stairs, shaking his head as he stared at the closed door of the Powerpuff Girls’ bedroom. It was like this nearly every morning. As fast as those three could do anything, they still couldn’t manage to get themselves ready in time. He gave them their privacy while they got dressed so he didn’t know exactly what was going on in there, but he had a pretty good idea: Buttercup, already dressed, was getting in one last lick at some video-game villains. Bubbles was coloring one last picture. And Blossom was fussing with her hair. Her sisters would blame it on her, but it gave them more time to play.


"Coming, Professor!" they called out together, and a tri-colored flash later, they floated before him.

"Girls, you know what today is, couldn’t you for once-"

He stopped and frowned. "Bubbles, you’ve got your dress on backwards again."

"I do?" She looked down. "Ooops!"

* * * * * * *

Buttercup was already half-done shoveling down her cereal when Bubbles scooted into her chair at the kitchen table. She hurriedly poured herself some cereal, spilling most of it on the table and floor. She zipped out of her chair, looking even more embarrassed.

"Never mind, Bubbles, I’ll get it. Just eat." The professor sighed. "Girls, if you can’t get yourselves ready and down here so we can have an orderly breakfast, you’re going to bed earlier."

They immediately protested, Blossom being pointed at angrily by her sisters, but he held up his hand. "We’ll talk about it. Right now, I just want to repeat…NO DALLYING AFTER SCHOOL!"

"We know, Professor." Blossom said. "We can’t wait to go to the Bahamas either, but what’s the big hurry? Our flight doesn’t leave until six!"

"Yeah, Professor, what do we even need a plane for?" Buttercup groused. "What a waste of money!"

He sighed to himself. There were just some things kids didn’t understand, customs checks and visas being only two.

"Being superheroes doesn’t mean you can disregard certain rules that everyone else has to follow, Buttercup. We have to get to the airport, get everything checked and loaded on the plane, and that all takes time. I hope you’ve got all your stuff packed, like I told you to last night."

"We did, Professor." Blossom confirmed.

"Great." He gave Bubbles an annoyed look when she gulped the remaining milk from her bowl and wiped the moustache off with her hand, but said nothing. He gave them all goodbye kisses.

"Have a good day at school, girls, and remember, come straight home!"

As they called goodbye and he watched their trails fade behind them as they flew off, he knew something was going to go wrong. Something always did. Monsters, crimes, something always got in the way of his plans for them to have a nice, relaxed family vacation. Still, he got busy packing his own needs and getting the girls’ things from their room and into the car.


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