1. Time Travel

2. Recapturing the Sparks

3. Miracle Making

4. Eliminating Negative Thoughts

5. Healing

6. Dream State

7. DNA of the Soul

8. Defusing Negative Energy & Stress

9. Angelic Influences

10. Looks Can Kill

11.  Banishing the Remnants of Evil

12.  Unconditional Love

13. Heaven on Earth

14. Farwell to Arms

15. Long Range Vision

16. Dumping Depression

17. Great Escape

18. Fertility

19. Dialing God

20. Victory over Addictions

21. Eradicate Plague

22. Stop Fatal Attraction

23. Sharing the Flame

24. Jealousy

25. Speak Your Mind
26. Order From Chaos

27. Silent Partner

28. Soul Mate

29. Removing Hatred

30. Building Bridges

31. Finish What You Start

32. Memories

33. Revealing the Dark Side

34. Forget Thyself

35. Sexual Energy

36. Fear(less)

37. The Big Picture

38. Circuitry

39. Diamond in the Rough

40. Speaking the Right Words

41. Self-Esteem

42. Revealing the Concealed

43. Defying Gravity

44. Sweetening Judgement

45. The Power of Prosperity

46. Absolute Certainty

47. Global Transformation

48. Unity

49. Happiness
50. Enough is Never Enough

51. No Guilt

52. Passion

53. No Agenda

54. The Death of Death

55. Thought into Action

56. Dispelling Anger

57. Listening to Your Soul

58. Letting Go

59. Umbilical Cord

60. Freedom

61. Water

62. Parent-Teacher, Not Preacher

63. Appreciation

64. Casting Yourself in a Favorable Light

65. Fear of God

66. Accountablity

67. Great Expectations

68. Contacting Departed Souls

69. Lost and Found

70. Recognizing the Design Beneath Disorder

71. Prophecy & Parallel Universes

72. Spiritual Cleansing
Kabbalah Meditations & Resources
From the Kabbalah Centre's book 72 Names of God by Yehuda Berg

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How to Meditate Using the Links Below
Think about your life.  What difficult situation confronts you?  What negative patterns are you repeating?  What do you wish to change about yourself?  Pick one thing and focus on it.  Why is this situation/issue/person in your life?  What lesson is there for you to learn? (There is ALWAYS a lesson.)

Now ask the Light, God, The Universe, (or whatever Higher Power you connect to)

Look at the phrases below.  What speaks to you as most appropriately addressing your situation..  The Name (the three Hebew letters) that comes up will help you to transform the situation.  Let the letters occupy your mind as completely as possible.  Be aware that the letters are no longer on the page –
they are within you.  In fact, they have always existed within you.  Now they have been reawakened.

Just one more step.  The most important.  Do one act of sharing.  No matter how small it may be, do something selfless.  This will activate the 72 Name within you to its fullest power.
Scan the Hebrew letters from right to left.
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