Mexican War Pensions, 1846-1848 (pensions filed 1887-1926)

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Daniel Kelley Co. F, Ohio Inf. Pvt.
George Kelley USS Savannah Teamster
George W. Kelley Vaughn's Co., 2nd Miss Inf. Teamster
George W. Kelley 2nd Tenn Inf
Henry S. Kelley 2nd Ohio Vol Inf
Isaac Kelley Co. D, 1st Ill Vol Inf., Co. G 49th Ill Inf.
Isaac Kelley Co. D, 3rd Ill Vol.'s
James Kelley Co. I, 2nd Ky Vol. Inf. Pvt.
James F. Kelley Co. G. 3rd Mo. Mtd Vol.'s Pvt.
John Kelley Co. H, 3rd Ind. Inf.
John Kelley 10th US Inf.
John G. Kelley Co. A, 8th US Inf.
John L. Kelley Co. A, 1st US Dragoons
John M. Kelley Shepherd's Co., Mo. Mtd Vol.'s Pvt.
Joseph Kelley Co. B, 16th US Inf.
Mark Kelley 2nd La. US Dragoons Pvt.
Nicholas Kelley Co. A, Mormon Battn Iowa Vol.'s
Patrick Kelley Co. B, 2nd US Inf.
Robert Kelley Co. G, 1st Mich Vol's
Samuel L. Kelley Co. A, 9th US Inf.
Sylvanus W. Kelley Co. D, 3rd US Arty Pvt.
Thomas Kelley Co. D, 3rd Ill. Vol.'s
Urich D. Kelley Co. K, 2nd Ill Inf. Pvt.
William Kelley Capt. Dodge's Co., 2nd Ill Foot Vol.'s Sgt.
William Kelley Co. A, Mormon Battn Iowa Vol.'s
William Kelley Co. B, 3rd Ky Vol.'s
William B. Kelley Co. G, 1st Ind Vol.'s Pvt.
William W. Kelley McCulloch's Co. of Spies, Texas Vol.'s 1st Lt.
Zachariah Kelley Co. G, Miss Foot Vol.'s
Adam L. Kelly Co. G, 2nd Tenn Vol.'s
Alexander Kelly Co. B, 1st Ill Vol.'s
Andrew J. Kelly 5th Tenn Vol.'s Pvt.
Andrew J. Kelly Co. C, Powell's Battn, Mo. Mtd Vol.'s Pvt.
Benjamin Kelly Co. F, 2nd US Inf.
Benjamin Kelly Co. G I, 1st Ala Vol.'s
Caius Kelly 1st Pa Vol.'s
Calvin Kelly Staff & Independent Co., Ill Mtd Vol.'s Pvt.
Charles A.B. Kelly Co. I, 16th US Inf.
Connell O'Donnell Kelly Co. F, Bell's Regt., Texas Mtd Vol.'s
 (alias Thomas J. Middleton)
Daniel Kelly Randolph's Co., 1st MD Vol.'s
Daniel H. Kelly Ohio Inf.
Dennis Kelly Co. G, Iowa
Edward Kelly Co. A, Rudler's Co., Dakin Regt., 2nd La Vol.'s
Edward Kelly Co. A, 2nd Ohio Vol.'s
Edward Kelly 2nd Ohio Inf.
Elijah Kelly Co. G, Texas Inf.
Ferguson Kelly Ala Vol.'s
Fountain Kelly Co. A, 25th Ind. Inf. Pvt.
George Kelly USS Saratoga Landsman
Harmon Kelly Co. D, 3rd Tenn Vol.'s
Harvey B. Kelly Co. H, 14th US Inf.
Henry B. Kelly 14th US Inf. 1st Lt.
Henry P. Kelly Co. P, Alland's Co., 4th Ind. Vol.'s
Hough(Hugh) Kelly USS Columbus Seaman
Isaac Kelly Co. I, 16th Ky Vol.'s
James Kelly Co. F, 4th US Inf. Pvt.
James A. Kelly Co. G, US Mtd Rifles
John Kelly Co. E, 3rd Battn La Vol.'s
 (alias William A. Wiggs)
John Kelly DeKorponay's Co. 3rd Mo Mtd Vol.'s
John Kelly Co. F, 2nd Tenn Inf.
John Kelly Walrod's Co., 10th US Inf.
John Kelly Ordnance Dept. Pvt.
John Kelly Ordnance Dept, US Army
John Kelly Capt. Bragg's Co., 3rd US Arty.
John Kelly USS Ohio
John Kelly USS North Carolina, USS Pennsylvania, USS St. Mary's, USS Marion Seaman
John Kelly Co. E, 3rd Battn La Vol.'s Pvt.
Joseph Sylvester Kelly Co. A, 1st Ga Vol.'s
Matthew Kelly Ordnance Department Laborer
Michael Kelly Co. E, 3rd Battn La Vol. Inf.
Michael Kelly Judah's Co., 4th US Inf. Lt.
Michael Kelly Siege train, Ordnance Dept.
Patrick Kelly 1st US Inf.
Patrick Kelly Co. C, 10th US Inf Pvt.
Patrick Kelly Ringgold Co., 3rd US Arty.
Patrick Kelly Shoner's Co., 3rd US Arty
Patrick Kelly USS Congress
Peter Kelly US Marine Corps
Richard Kelly
Robert C. Kelly Co. E, 4th Ky Vol.'s
Robert H. Kelly Co. I, 2nd Pa Vol.'s
Samuel C. Kelly Co. I, 1st Ala Vol.'s
Samuel L. Kelly Co. A, 3rd Miss Mtd Inf. Bugler
Thaddeus Kelly Water's Co., Co. D, MD & DC Vol's
Thomas Kelly USS Raritan
Thomas Kelly Co. G, 2nd Ohio Vol.'s
Thomas J. Kelly Co. C, 1st Ark Mtd Vol.'s
William Kelly Calhoun's Co., Jackson's Regt, Ga Vol.'s
William Kelly Co. E, 2nd Ill Inf.
William Kelly Co. A, Mormon Battn Iowa Vol.'s Pvt.
William Kelly Co. I, 3rd Mo Mtd Vol.'s Pvt.
William Kelly Co. E, 2nd Pa Vol.'s
William B. Kelly USS Jamestown, USS Pennsylvania
William E. Kelly 4th Ky Vol.'s Pvt.
William E. Kelly Co. D, 1st Pa Vol.'s
William S. Kelly Co. F, 3rd Ky Vol.'s
William T. Kelly Co. G, 1st Ky Cav & Inf Pvt.
W.J. Kelly