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Welcome  to the all new ICM official site. Home of the [ICM] Gaming clan, the [ICM] Hacking clan, and the [ICM] Game Development Clan. This site is still under heavy construction, but the forums are up! Email me at san-j@rock.com if you have any questions.
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Welcome to the ICM Official Site. This is the home of the ICM Tri-Clan. We are among the worlds best gamers, hackers, and programmers. This is our turf, so watch yourself :)... This is our Family, but we are nice guys, so we will grant you free passage to all the hidden alleys that you might find here.
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Sorry about the recent lack of updates. We have been very busy with the DrugWars site, that I haven't found time to update this site. This site is about to undergo a massive change, so hang tight :)   In the mean time, check out the DrugWars site at www.drugwars.tk, www.drugwars.moddb.com, or www.oocities.com/icmafia1984/drugwarsnews.html  ~San-J
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The DrugWars team has now been officially renamed to ICMafia Studios. Work will continue as usual on the modification, and the only change was the name. I feel confident that our team will excel above and beyond the norm, and will thus also boost the notoriety of ICM. Again, DW is already deep in development, and some model renders will be made available to the general public in the next few weeks. You may have found some preview model renders floating around the net, but those where very early renders. The first beta build of DrugWars should be available late this year, but the final build could easily come as late as summer 2005.
On a slightly different subject, one of ICMs game development projects Mafioso Mario has been announced, and contrary to popular belief, will not be the GTA I style game that was originally intended. Instead, it will feature sidescrolling gameplay comparable to that of the classic arcade game Metal Slug. Mafioso Mario will be released in early june, but I will continue development until I am happy with it.

~San-J Founder of ICM
At this point it seems very likely that the DrugWars mod team will merge with the ICMAFIA Game Development Team to create the best mod possible. Being the leader of both teams, I feel that we would all benefit from this deal. The modelers on the DrugWars team are hard at work at some very impressive models, that are fit to be in a retail game. The DW team has some of the best modelers in the FarCry modding community, and truely deserve to be able to say that they are part of the family. While I personally feel that it is in both teams best interest to work together, this will be settled democratically, and I will post the outcome in tomorrows news.

~San-J Founder of [ICM]
The site has finally launched! It is under heavy development, so please have patience. I am working very hard on the site, but I also am programming a game from scratch, and am working on a game modification team, and am going to high school, so I am pretty busy... Come by again soon!

~San-J Founder of [ICM]
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