HOPE WW was audited in 1999 by Price Waterhouse & Coopers.

This document has never before been seen by the general public,  and was obtained under the “ Freedom of Information Act.”

It has been ‘broken’ into 3 sections for easier web viewing & downloading.

Section 1 contains the Summary Statements prepared by Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Section 2 contains the Supplemental Information—Balance Sheets for [Entities]. 14 pages.

Section 3 contains the Expense Details for each of the [Regional’s] - by Program. 37 pages.

By bringing forth facts, we can see what the ICoC, H.O.P.E., and related affiliates are doing with money entrusted to them.

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PWC 1999 Audit

HOPE WW PWC 1999 Section 1

HOPE WW PWC 1999 Section 2

HOPE WW PWC 1999 Section 3




Sihanouk Hospital

Fed ID# 23-2910347

Sihanouk Hospital 1997

Sihanouk Hospital 1999

Sihanouk Hospital 2000



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HOPE Clinic



Fed ID# 23-2711991

HOPE Clinic Philly 1998

HOPE Clinic Philly 1999

HOPE Clinic Philly 2000

HOPE Clinic Philly 2001

HOPE WW Parent

Fed ID# 04-3129839

HOPE WW 1997

HOPE WW 1998

HOPE WW 2000

HOPE WW 2001


HOPE For Children

Fed ID# 58-1937563

Adoptions 1996

Adoptions 1997

Adoptions 1998

Adoptions 1999

Adoptions 2000

Adoptions 2001

HOPE Consolidated


Fed ID# 91-1867491

Consolidated 1999

Consolidated 2000

Consolidated 2001


HOPE New England

Fed ID# 04-3148787

HNE 1998

HNE 1999

HNE 2000

HNE 2001


DPI Boston

Fed ID# 04-3351341

DPI 1999

DPI 2000