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***NEW - Harvard High School
Christian Greetings!

Thank you for taking the time to visit this web site.  Education is important.  No education is more important that training people to better serve Jesus Christ.  If you are a student of the Word of God (or want to be a student) this site is for you!  With IOCF's Cyber College you are impowered to accomplish all your course work including testing via the Internet.  For those who have not finished High School
**NEW - Harvard High School

International Circle of Faith (ICOF) is comprized of over 30,000 Churches, non-church organizations, bible colleges, orphanages, humanitarian aid organizations, etc.   All of these have one common goal:  Training and Equipping the Saints for the work of God.  With this goal in mind, ICOF has teamed up with a plethora of qualified christian educators.  Our desire is to provide the best Christian education available in the world and to train spirit led leaders to reach to the corners of the earth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

CWTI (Christian Worker Training Institute) is based on a two year associates program.  CWTI will educate the student in (1) Basic Christian doctrine, (2) How to be a capable and well trained lay minister, and/or (3) To work in their local assembly, church or organization.  Since 1961 this Bible School has been providing a quality Christian education.  Hundreds of students have benefited from our school.  Course of Study

For those interested in learning more of the bible, with some emphasis on a pulpit or speaking ministry
International Circle of Faith Bible College ICOFBC is for you.  We have assembled some of the most qualified instructors, teachers, and mentors in the Christian World.  The difference between CWTI and ICOFBC is the degree offered.  CWTI offers a 2 year program and ICOFBC offers a number of 4 year disicplines.  A student who is undecided should first enroll in CWTI.  After completion of the Associates Degree from CWTI the student can then continue on in ICOFBC or ICOFU.

Fro those interested in less emphasis on Bible training but would like to attend a Christian college,
International Circle of Faith University ICOFU offers a variety of courses and disciplines from an Associate Degree in Non-profit Management to a Doctorate of Arts. 

For those who are certain they want to pursue ministerial disciplines and seek Master or Doctorate level degrees in a variety of disciplines
International Circle of Faith Seminary is for you.  Here you will find a very qualified staff of some of the most profound minds in Christiandom.  For those who have completed Bachelors degrees at ICOFBC, ICOFU, other Universities or for those whose Christian Life Experience moves them toward this discipline, you will be delighted with the fine staff of professors we offer.