The Proceedings

Jointly Organised by
Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Sabah and Universiti Teknologi MARA Cawangan Sabah

in collaboration with

Ministry of Local Government and Housing Sabah,
The Sabah State Public Sector Training  and
Ministry of Housing and Local Government Malaysia


1- A Dynamic Performance Management Model for Local Councils
Jamil Hamali, Nagarajah Lee and Voon Boo Ho

2- A Study on Squatters Legal Battles in the Malaysian Courts: Whither Equity?
Nor Asiah Mohamad

3- An Investigation of Destination Attribute Preference among Sport Tourists 
Ong Tah Fatt 

4- An Overview on the Certificate of Fitness for Occupation (Cfo) and the New Proposed Certificate of Completion and Compliance (Ccc) in Malaysia
Azlinor Sufian

5- Are Our “Majlis Daerah” E-Enabled?  Comparison of Web Sites
Md Dahlan, Faridah Sappar, Sharifah Aliman and Noornina Dahlan

6- Contribution of Councillors to Local Authorities in Selangor and Johor
Asmah Abdul Aziz and Norhayati Md. Nor 

7- Demographical Traits Influencing Local Councillors Perceptions towards Financial Statements in Selangor
Asmah Abdul Aziz and Erolyn Jane Samuel

8- Domestic Wastewater Treatment with a Natural Coagulant, Moringa Oleifera
A. A. Abu-Bakar, J. Jaafar, M. Ab-Wahid M and  K. Khalil

9- Establishment of Performance Indicators in Environmental Aspects for a Mechanised Sewage Treatment Plant as a Guideline to Malaysian Authorities
Siti Rashidah Mohd Nasir,
Aminuddin Baki, Suhaimi Abdul Talib and Mohd. Taufik Salleh

10- Evaluation of the Engineering Value of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (Rap) Aggregate from Selected Region in Klang Valley
J.Ahmad, R. Razali, M. Y. Abdul Rahman and Z. Mohamed

11- Factors Affecting Accounts Receivables in Local Authorities
Norli Abd Talib and Asmah Abdul Aziz  

12- From Customer Satisfaction to Citizen Satisfaction: Rethinking Local Government Service Delivery
Hazman Shah Abdullah

13- Financial Performance of Local Authourities with Emphasis of Deficits
Nafsiah Mohamed and Ruhaya Atan

14- Good Local Governance And Municipal Service Delivery: Some Approaches By Kota Kinabalu City Hall
Chua Kim Hing

15- How Yokohama City Manage the (Solid) Waste
James M. Alin, Iwao Kato, Fumitaka Furuoka and
Beatrice Lim Fui Yee

16- ICT Implementation Issues at Local Government:
An Emergent Conceptual Framework

Rugayah Hj. Hashim, Adnan Jamaludin and Rosmimah Mohd. Roslin,

17- Identification the Beneficial Usage of Water Treatment Sludge
Marfiah Ab.Wahid, Azinoor Azida Abu Bakar, Aminuddin Mohd Baki
, Faizah Kamaruddin Nurul Izza Hassan, Wan Amizah Wan Jusoh and Tajul Ariffin Adam

18- Identification of Challenges Faced by Bumiputra Contractors and Roles of Local Government in Ensuring a Successful Completion of a Project
Abdul Rahman Ayub and Janidah Eman 

19- Identification of Tsunami Protection Parameters in Local Municipality Areas (Case Study Areas: Pulau Pinang, Sg Petani and Langkawi)
Abdul Rahman Ayub, Anas Ibrahim and Shahreena Melati Rhasbudin Shah

20- Improving Local Authorities in Sabah: An Overview
Worran Hj. Kabul, Hilmi Abd. Rahman and Mat Zin Mat Kib

21- Implementation of E-PBT by Malaysian Local Authorities
Halimah @ Nasibah Ahmad (Presenter), Md. Suhaimi Md Saleh Mohamad Sharofi Hj. Ismail and Norhani Aripin

22- Islamic Pawn-Broking System: The Unclaimed Surplus
Saripah Abdul Latif, Khalid Abd. Wahid Zulkarnain Yusoff and Abd. Rahman Ali

23- Issues in Implementing Electronic Procurement
(E-Procurement) in the Local Governments of Selangor, Malaysia

Rugayah Hj.

24- Key Performance Indicator and Maximising Impact on Local Government Services
Samihah Khalil

25- Legalising Morality, or Moralising Legality?  A Case Study on The Impact of The Beauty and Health Establishments (Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur) By Laws 2003 on The Exclusively Male Massage Parlours in Kuala Lumpur
Mohd Nazim bin Ganti Shaari

26- Local E-Government in Malaysia: A Critical Survey
Hazman Shah Abdullah, Maniam Kaliannan, Abdul Jalil Mohd Ali and Ahmad Naqiyuddin Bakar


27- Local Government Authority and Morality Law:
An Overview of Malaysian Position

Zainal Amin Ayub and Zuryati Mohamed Yusoff

28- Making the Local Government Effective and Efficient in Services Deliveries
K. Y. Mustafa

29- Overview of the Seismic Conceptual Design for Bridge Foundation in Pulau Pinang
Ahmad M.F., Sulong T.J.T., Salleh S. And Ibrahim A.

30- Overview of Recycling and Reuse of Used Tires
Anas Ibrahim, Abdul Rahman Ayub and Mohd Suffian Yusoff

31- Parking Demand Model for Tertiary Education Center
Kunjan H.M, Tey L.S, Kuan W.K and Abdul Rahman M.Y.3

32- Performance Measurement for Local Authorities in Peninsular Malaysia
Kuppusamy Singaravelloo, Samsinar Md.
Sidin, Murali Sambasivan and Zaleha Mohd Noor

33- Performance Measurement in Local Government Authorities: Between Theory and Practice
Siti Nabiha Abdul Khalid

34- Proposing an Intergrated Model for Local Infrastructure Provision in Malaysia
Dani Salleh and Ho Chin Siong

35- Public Access to Environmental Rights and Justice: A Legal Perspective for an Improved Public Service System of the Local Authorities
Dr. Maizatun Mustafa

36- Public Participation /Residents Associations for Service Delivery by Local Authorities in Kenya
Joyce Nyambura

37- Regional Income Disparity in Malaysia: Is Sabah Converging, Catching-Up or Falling Behind With Other States in Malaysia?
Muzafar Shah Habibullah and A.M. Dayang-Affizzah

38- Safe City: Have Malaysian Houses Suddenly Become Unsafe?
Mohamed Yusoff Hj Abaas

39- Social Reponsibility Awareness among Local Government Accountant in Malaysia
Mohd Nizam Mohd Ali, Mohd Rezaidi Mohd Ishak, Syed Soffian Syed Ismail Aljeffri, Faudziah Hanim Hj Fadzil Fathilatul Zakimi Abdul Hamid and Mohd Sharofi Ismail

40- Sustainable Development and Local Agenda 21: The Role of Local Authorities in Malaysia
Assoc. Prof. Dr Dasimah Bt Omar

41- Tax-and-Spend, Spend-and-Tax or Fiscal Synchronization: Some Results for Sabah Municipals
A.M. Dayang-Affizzah and Muzafar Shah Habibullah

42- The Implementation of Knowledge Management Strategy in Malaysian Local Authorities for Urban Management
Muhammad Najib Razali and Zaharah Manaf

43- The Influence of Empowerment, Task Difficulty and Situational Constraints on Accountability in Malaysian Local Government Departments
Rohana Othman, Dennis Taylor, Maliah Sulaiman and Hafiz-Majdi Abdul Rashid

44- The Local Government Administration in Bangladesh: Historical Perspective
Md. Moniruzzaman

45- The Management of Assessment Taxes in Malaysian Local Authorities
Mohamad Sharofi Ismail,
Md Suhaimi Md Saleh, Syed Soffian Syed Ismail and Ummi Kalthum Shuib (Presenter)

46- The Optimal Provisioning of Quality Municipal Services: A Conceptual Framework and Methodological Discussion
David Martin Juanil and Maziah Ismail

47- The State of Local Government Finance in Malaysia
Kuppusamy Singaravelloo and Mangaleswari Subramaniam

48- Trend of Solid Waste Collection in Urban River: Study Case at Batu River, Kuala Lumpur
Ab-Wahid M., Abu-Bakar, A. A. and Sabarudin, S.

49- Tourist Satisfaction on Kuching City: Insights for Urban Tourism Marketing
Voon Boo Ho and Lew Tek Yew

50- Towards Service Excellence in Local Councils: A Market-Oriented Approach
Jamil Hamali, Voon Boo Ho and Nagarajah Lee

51- Transport Database Management for Local Authorities in Malaysia
Assoc.Prof. Dr Ahmad Hilmy Abdul Hamid and Ahmad Fairuz Othman

52- Use of Scrap Tire as Replacement in Backfill Materials
Anas Ibrahim, Mohd Farid Ahmad, Damanhuri Jamalludin and Abd. Naser Abd. Ghani

53- Web Integrated Time Attendance System
Mazura Mat Din, Maheyzah Md Sirat @ Siraj, Ahmad Syukri Ahmad Mokhtar and Sanorazman Mohd. Isa