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Jim "The Icon" Daher

Last Updated: September 7, 2002


Name: Jim "The Icon" Daher (Full GWA Bio)
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 164 lbs.
Finisher: The Icon's Smackdown
Finisher Description: Rock Bottom
History: He first showed up in the Blood, Sweat, and Tears Wrestling Association, where he won their World Cruiserweight Championship. Then, he went on to the Superstar World Wrestling Federation, where he won their World Cruiserweight Championship twice. Dissatisfied with the staff, he left that place and came to the Gladiator Wrestling Assocation. As of this date, he is the two-time GWA Falconer Champion.
Past Stables: High Society, Heavy Artillery, The Brotherhood of Agony, The Brotherhood of Vengeance
Title History: BSTWA World Cruiserweight Champion, SWWF World Cruiserweight Champion (2), GWA Falconer Champion (2)

Name: Doomsday (Full GWA Bio)
Height: 6'11"
Weight: 357 lbs.
Finisher: Cataclysm
Finisher Description: Pumphandle Into Inverted Outsider's Edge

History: Easily the oldest and most experienced of all these characters. Has won numerous championships in his illustrious career. He was inducted into the NGW Hall of Fame in the early part of 2000 as the 4-time NGW World Tag Team Champion. He was "killed" in the SWWF by Mr. Weir (see "Greatest Feuds"), but he shortly re-emerged alive and well in the FWF.
Title History: World Title (7), United States Title (2), Hardcore Title (3), Big Mouth Title (1), World Tag Team Titles (14)

Name: Armageddon (Full Bio)
Height: 7'1"
Weight: 375 lbs.
Finisher: Apocalypse
Finisher Description: Modified Rock Bottom
History: While preferring to remain in the background, there are times when this guy has come forward to give his views on things. Because of his usual quietness, people tend to listen whenever he does speak. He has used a variety of gimmicks, most recently, a pure badass in the NGW.
Title History: Super Heavyweight Title (1), Hardcore Title (1), Television Tag Team Titles (1), Hardcore Tag Team Titles (1), World Tag Team Titles (12)

Name: Doom (Full GWA Bio)
Height: 7'1"
Weight: 385 lbs.
Finisher: Nuclear Winter
Finisher Description: Meltdown
History: Once retired due to an injury, he's back and better than ever! Just as hardcore as he ever was, he's living up to his motto: "If it ain't hardcore...IT AIN'T COOL!!!"
Title History: Hardcore Title (10), Maximus Title (1), Olympic Title (1), Legion Tag Team Title (2)

Name: "The Big Deal" Bedlam (Full GWA Bio)
Height: 7'3"
Weight: 505 lbs.
Finisher: Satan's Fold
Finisher Description: Chokeslam
History: He appeared for a short time in the FWA and GWF, but he achieved the largest portion of his popularity in the NGW. He became NGW's Mr. Hardcore. At one point, he held a record for shortest match by defeating "CRAMP" Pupo Jorducci in 14 seconds at the NGW Abandonment in Auschwitz Pay-Per-View. The record was later broken.
Title History: X-Treme Title (2), Hardcore Title (1), World Tag Team Titles (2)

Name: Kurgan (Full Bio)
Height: 7'0"
Weight: 355 lbs.
Finisher: The Quickening
Finisher Description: shot to gut, then forearm shot to back of opponent's head
History: So far, this guy's only appearance was in the PWA. He's only had one match, and he lost that one. Will this guy stick around? Only time will tell.
Title History: None

Handler Info

Real Name: Jim Daher
Past E-Feds: ICW, HWA, IWA, HCW, IWL, WWW, GWF, DWF, BSTWA, SWWF, Supreme Wrestling Alliance, Survival Wrestling Association, FWA, PWA, NGW, oWa, GWA, BTWF
Age: 19 1/2
Birth Date: July 27, 1981
Currently In: Simoniz Car Wash(Memphis, TN), employee
Girlfriend: Becky Locke
Picture?: Unavailable at this time.
Things I Enjoy: Baseball, Pro Wrestling, Video Games, E-Feds
Past Characters: Doomsday, Armageddon, Doom, Bedlam, Kurgan, Jim "The Icon" Daher

Contact Info

ICQ #: 33986606
AIM: Doomsday796
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Important Announcement from Jim Daher

Hey. I just thought I should let y'all know that as of August 13, 2002, I am officially retired from the roleplaying aspect of e-feds. It's been a long journey since my debut on November 16, 1998, and the only regret I have is that I was unable to grab the GWA Gladiator Title before my retirement. You can still find me in "r/p" of a sort in the chat room, #WWElobby room, and I am also hanging with GWA as their Commissioner. But participating in an e-fed ring? more for me, thanks. I'm happy with what I've done. To everyone that helped me improve and bothered to become friends with me...thanks. You made this game fun. If you absolutely HAVE to know what my characters did after I up and left them, click here. I created a web page just to finish up their stories, or at the very least tie up any loose ends. Anyway, I'm outta this biatch. This page is now officially closed to updates. Thanks again! - Jim

Greatest Feuds

Doomsday vs. Mr. Pink (IWA)
Doomsday vs. The Rock (ICW)
Doomsday vs. Raven (ICW)
Doomsday vs. Mr. Weir (SWWF)
Doomsday vs. Quake (NGW)
The End Game vs. The Bomb Squad (IWA, HWA, IWL)
Doomsday vs. "The Crippler" Ron Hart (HCW)
Bedlam vs. PaYne (NGW)
Heavy Artillery vs. Total Destruction (GWA)
Heavy Artillery vs. The Kindred (GWA)
The BoV vs. The BoA (GWA)
Jim "The Icon" Daher vs. Ryosuke Mitsurugi (GWA)
The BoV vs. the Mystery Man (GWA)

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