Welcome to icon·i·cal·ly, a site where you can find 100x100 icons and other graphics that are free for you to take and use. Icon-making is probably the only graphic-related thing I can do on a computer, so it deserved it's own site. I have a few blinkies I made as well available here, but I can no longer do animations, so don't expect any more and please do not request any. Navigation is to your right, and please read the rules before you take anything.


3.1.05: 17 new Shaman King icons. They're all of Faust VIII. Edit: Plus one more of Hao (Zeke).

2.4.05: Some new BoA icons.

2.1.05: A bunch of new Inuyasha icons (Naraku), and a Rurouni Kenshin one too.

11.25.04: New layout! Made it myself, for once xD.

11.12.04: New icons featuring BoA, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera.


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