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18 January 2007.
Posted image of a new icon, available for sale:

Handpainted icon Christ Pantocrator
Christ Pantocrator

21 November 2006. Posted Master-Classes photographs.
Truefresco Workshop in Chicago (USA).
See the photographs >>

Icon Painting Workshops in St. Petersburg (Russia), Chicago and Seattle (USA) See the photographs >>


02 July 2006. New Feature of our Web-site:

Now You can buy our icons online. The ensured express shipping is included in the cost of the icon.
Just click the button
" Buy icon online" and fill up the form. We hope You enjoy the new service>>

Christian icon of the Nativity of Jesus Christ, handpainted in Sacred Murals Studio.

WELCOME to see the web-site of Sacred Murals Studio!

Let me introduce our main working principle:

Why we are different ?

Because we create our icons and frescoes individually and creatively, in harmony with the sacred space of concrete church or home.

Every Christian church is unique House of Our Lord Jesus Christ! We study the architecture and sacred space of Your church or home and create icons and frescoes as the most important spiritual focusing point in it . Keeping in mind the individuality and particular features of the sacred space we paint harmonious images to help prayer.

We pay attention to all the essential interior and exterior conditions and work sincerely and very hard to create the most beautiful image for every Christian environment. Our goal is to create sacred images, which would stay in harmonious relationship with the sacred architecture of the church.

Sacred Dome Decoration for Christian church of St. John The Divine in New Brunswick (NJ).Our frescoes and icons fit perfectly the place, they are created for. Sacred images, made by our iconographers, do never distract people from prayer, but just help to concentrate the mind on spiritual things.

The icon-writing and fresco painting in Sacred Murals Studio are based on traditional church laws and canons. We work like medieval Christian artists do, so, every fresco mural or icon in Sacred Murals Studio are created individually to speak clear, traditional, and at the same time bright and up do date visual language.

Read more about Christian church decoration, Christian Iconography.

Visit the Icon Gallery and the Truefresco Gallery of our web-site.

If You are interested in commissioning frescoes or icons for Your church or home, for any kind of questions or comments,

write us e-mail, or call +7 950 00 58 293 at any time.

With warmest regards,

The Head of Sacred Murals Studio,

Iconographer Philip Davydov.

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