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 What Cancer Cannot Do

Cancer is Limited,
It Cannot cripple love
It Cannot shatter hope
It Cannot corrode faith
It Cannot destroy peace
It Cannot kill friendship
It Cannot suppress memories
It Cannot silence courage
It Cannot invade the soul
It Cannot steal eternal life
It Cannot conquer the spirit

Author Unknown


Angels are the guardians of hope and wonder,
The keepers of magic and dreams.
Angels watch over you wherever you go,
Keeping each day perfect
And promising a bright new tomorrow.
Wherever there is love
An angel is flying by.
Your guardian angel knows you inside and out
And loves you just the way you are.
Angels keep it simple and always travel light.
Remember to leave space in your relationships
So the angels have room to play.
Your guardian angel helps you find a place
When you feel there is no place to go.
Whenever you feel lonely,
A special angel drops in for tea.
Angels are with you every step of the way
And help you soar with amazing grace.
After all, we are all angels in training;
All we have to do is spread our wings and fly.

Dedicated to my sister Elizabeth and my good friend Patt,
 both of whom are breast cancer survivors.
To all survivors, their friends and families....




A wise man once said:
Cancer is mans worst enemy,
It leaves millions of families
feeling depressed, and confused.
It kills men, women, and children.
Leaving them and their surroundings
To fear for their lives.
It hurts people spiritually,
And it will always haunt man.
The daughter of a woman with cancer once :
Turned the disease into an opportunity
To help others going through the same rough times.
Decided to be strong
Because cancer makes you strong.
Realized how precious life really is.
Never gave up
And never will.
Because she has hope.
Hope for today
And hope for tomorrow.
~~Ashlee Stenlund~~
This Poem is Dedicated to Ashley Morton,
 her mother Dorothy Morton, and her family.


A Little Girls Cure

Long and black with hints of gold

She wore it down a beauty untold

The feeling it gave her too strong to express

Yet she did have something to confess

For this was not her own true hair

Instead a wig made with care

You see this girl once had a disease

That took its toll on her family trees

Her mother, her sister, aunt and grandma too

All carried this with them so painfully true

Of all the people in this wide world

Why were they chosen to pass the word?

The word that cancer does not have a cure

But like all diseases something is sure

That everything is possible with a smiling face

Anything can happen when running a life race

This poem is not written to sadden or depress

But instead give strength, hope, and confidence

So if you ever see anyone in a desperate state of need

Just turn to them and maybe even help them succeed




When you awaken in the morning
and see the brightness of the morning sun,
Lock the door on yesterday
and throw away the key.
For God has given you a brand new day,
Another day of love and laughter.
Seize each moment before it flies away,
For sweeter than the fragrant flower is each precious golden hour.
Make today your best day,
The power is yours alone.
Make today the happiest and the best you've ever known.
Yesterday is gone, as in a dream,
Tomorrow is a vision still unseen.
Today is yours to live,
It's treasures you can use.
It can be your best day,
It's up to you to choose!
~*~Author Unknown~*~



I Wear A Pink Ribbon

By Kimberly R. Harris


A silent killer with no face.

A thief within the night.

A constant battle for my life

A bitter evil fight.


The scars remind me of the day

It knocked at my souls door.

It tried to rob me of my strength

It left me on the floor.


To survive, I had to sacrifice

My Breast and even my hair

It showed no pity as it snatched

These things without a care.


I started to give up my fight

I felt I could take no more

Then God reached down and

Gently picked me up off the floor.


He wiped my face and blew my nose

Just like my mama use to do.

He said donít cry my child

For I have things in store for you.


I did not bring you all this way

to leave you high and dry.

I love you and you are my child

So hold your head up high.


There is nothing that I cannot fix,

No pain I canít erase.

Have faith and know that I am here

There is nothing you canít face!


So then I threw my hands up high

And gave God all his praise!

For my soul has been uplifted

And my SPIRIT has been raised!


Iíll fight this fight with cancer

And I know I will be fine.

For God said it and I know its true,

That VICTORY is mine!!

From on Chemo to on Camera
Faith , Hope , Love
You need all of the above .
If you want to live,
then you have got to be positive .
There is a rumor I have a tumor .
I used to be a dancer , then I got cancer .
I used to have hair all down my back ,
but now it's shorter than Kojak .
But that is all right ,
Cuz I am gonna win the fight .
~*~Kristine Kirsten
A Bridge to Pass is Just Another Obstacle
Cancer is a bridge , that some have to pass.
Some go all the way across , but some fall along the way.
It's tragic those who fall , when they have come so far .
They fought such a courageous battle .
But the war has been won . They fell off .

Some make it across . They are the lucky ones .
The ones who fight so hard and never give up .
They make it across . They win the fight .
They win the battle . They win the war .

Cancer is just an obstacle .
 We all have to stick together to pass it .
If we can find a cure , millions of lives will be saved .
Humankind will be able to find a cure with the right funding .

Help me fight cancer .
Help my friends , their families and my family .
Help fight cancer . You will be rewarded .
***This is dedicated to Ashley Morton and her mother Dorothy Morton ***
~*~Mike Becker~*~

The Pink Ribbon Story
Humorous Mammogram Poem

The Pink Ribbon is symbol of strength and camaraderie

Pink has become a symbol of strength and camaraderie,

 to be worn proudly by those who have survived

and are surviving their battle with breast cancer.

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