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Links to my skinz
'Smile be Happy'
Author of the week, cool huh?
Heres a sample of what skinz look like for the people who never heard of icq plus skins. Its a graphic to cover up your icq, cute huh? This one is called 'smile be happy' award winning..
click to download this one
'Eurynome and Ophion'
wins skin of the day June 23.2001
Well These are my girls, Traci, and Crystal
Goldie and hubby Smiley
First you must have Icq Plus to use my skinz. And of course Icq.lol..
The files are in .zip format , but you dont have to unzip them , Icq Plus does it for you. Just save the file to disk, in your C:\\Program files\ icqplus\skins  folder. then to use the skin or view it , open your plus , which be on your icq menu or as a plus sign on top of your icq. hit the dropdown menu "skins" and choose it from the list there and hit apply, and hit ok when you've chosen the one you want. "Thanks for using my skinz. If anybody has a special picture you would like to be your icq skin, send it to me email and Ill make you one.

You may want to make a new folder to save each file in by name. You dont have to unzip them , but if you do , extract to the appropriate folder.
Well folks ,Im back and making more skinz, be patient while i update the links to these files. All the files will be downloaded from here. 
goes to my photo album
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