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         I am a teacher of English at the Research Institute for World Languages of Osaka University. Once a week, as an enjoyable change, I teach a class in the Welsh language, although I am not a native speaker. My academic background is mostly in linguistics, especially formal (mathematical) linguistics and logic. Rather disillusioned with mainstream syntactic theory (if there is such a thing any more) I have recently been trying to formulate some ideas of my own based on the notion of analogy, a straightforward but much neglected concept. There are links below to more about this, as well as to teaching materials and various other interests of mine.

         Last summer I posted a picture of me with a friendly pony after my holiday on Dartmoor. This August here I am with a cow, also on the moor. I'm not sure about friendliness this time though. There were a lot of cows about, all preoccupied with their young calves, except for this one, who was alone. So perhaps the poor beast had lost her own calf, and was feeling lonely.

         As well as a lot of cows and calves on the moor this summer there were plenty of the usual sheep and young ponies:

I can't resist including a bird, not on Dartmoor,
but by the Serpentine in Hyde Park in London -
a cheeky greylag goose who tried to grab all
the bread I had on offer!

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