Well, we put up a pool in May and it has been great, but we wanted a deck around it. For now, it's just on one side of the pool, but it is 16'x23'!! I'm not sure why I said "for now"... this is plenty of deck for most anyone. Check back for pictures of the deck when it's done. Special thanks to Brian for helping (actually, I'm helping him) with the deck and to Barb & Brit for letting him spend so much time over here!!

This is me preparing (leveling) the ground for the pool.

The pool is up and I had to put up a little fence to keep Samson from chewing all the pump/filter hoses.

This is after a day and a half of framing out the deck. That's the hardest part.

Almost done framing out the deck... we have the lower deck ready for decking boards, but we're waiting till the upper deck is ready before putting them on. The posts will be cut off once the handrail is assembled.

The framing is done... I just wanted to take a picture before starting to put the floor boards on.

The upper deck floor is done... now on with the lower part.

Well... it's definitely starting to shape up. The lower deck is a little over of the way done, and I decided to put up one little portion of the handrail (in the background on the far side of the deck) just to see how it was going to look.

The flooring is done... now on with the handrail.

All that's left is the steps and the gate (of course it's to keep Samson off the deck). It's not so much that we think he'll jump in the pool, but we wouldn't be able to relax with him jumping all over us. Besides, dog slobber is a terrible sunblock!!.

That ought to do it!! Now I just have a weekend worth of work ahead to sand, clean and put the water-proofing on it all. Will it ever end?! ~

A birds-eye view of the deck as it sits the first of August, 2001. Yes, I got on the roof to take this pic. Heck, I had to clean out the gutters anyway!!


Decorative paneling, new linoleum & countertops and custom oak cabinets. Of course I changed the light fixtures, range hood and sink (even the garbage disposal!!)

Sorry for the quality of the pics... they looked good when I scanned them.

A couple of "Before" pics...

After the job was complete...