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Greetings from The Philippines! To introduce myself, I'm your "WebMistress Annly" (that's a "Lady WebMaster" for those of You who may not know) and since I'm new to HTML Coding and still an Apprentice, I've just started building Our new Website. Please do check back soon, as We are still moving in!

Our Website Themes will include ICUG Travel & Computer Training, Education and Instruction effort for The Philippines. Here we will also showcase the Culture and Customs to help WorldWide Visitors become familiar with The Philippines, and help Filipinos become familiar with the USA, in sharing, understanding and cultural exchange.

My join date: 2001-01-26 01:40 * Last Updated: February 9, 2004

WebMistress Annly

ICUG Philippines

"Warm Wishes to the ICUG Family Circle in the Philippines, from Washington, DC USA!" ~ Michael

Please allow me to Introduce "Inday Fe", an ICUG Member going back to our beginnings in 1989! Inday Fe, has been an ever strong and faithful force for the dream to bring about an ICUG Program for the Philippines. Inday's tireless efforts and support over all of the years has proved an inspiration to us all, and her personal guidance has helped insure the growth of ICUG Phil and the expansion of our circle. Inday Fe will be Our Program Director for the Philippines. Assisting Inday will be two new and dynamic additions to the ICUG Family, "Jelyn" and "Annly".

Jelyn is currently a Teacher in Tuburan, who will help to infuse ICUG Training by drawing on her experience and background in Education. Jelyn's expertise will be especially vital in helping to design and tailor training course materials to achieve the highest standards, while reaching the widest audience, but always with quality in mind, first and foremost, over quantity. We are fortunate to have Jelyn as Our Education Specialist.

Annly, a recent graduate of Cebu Institute of Technology, Cebu City, with a Degree in Computer Engineering, is currently an Account Officer with a Manpower Services company in Mandaue City. Annly's position and job duties necessitate a great deal of time at the Computer, and with Internet access at her fingertips, she has made time in her busy schedule to act as Our Communications Coordinator and Web Mistress in Training.


As we will use the Web Pages here, to Present Information and the latest Updates, we too will also use the benefit of the Web for "Active Training". Teaching by Example and by Doing, are two concepts that we fully embrace, as we pioneer forward in our collective efforts.


~ Messages from Michael to Inday Fe ~ Jelyn ~ Annly ~


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~ Tools for Teaching, Training and Communication ~

Distance Learning and Remote Training ~ Using the tools of Video and Voice in combination with NetMeeting Interactive Desktop Whiteboard and Remote System Control Features

MSN NetMeeting ~ free software application to allow interactive Internet Conferencing of multiple Users in different locations

Web Site Design ~ HTML Coding and Web Pages

Web Site Design ~ Planning, Designing and Layout

MSN Chat ~ Instant Messaging - Sending & Receiving Files

MSN Chat ~ Instant Message software for Interactive Communications

Email ~ File Attachments, Inserting Photo Scans and Clip Art

~ Web Pages that I want You to See ~





New Concepts

That's Our GeoCities Moving Van, above... We're Just Moving In here at the WebSite, so Please do forgive us, as We take the time to unpack and set everything up here on the WebSite! Also, We have a new "WebMaster in Training" ~ Say Hello to Annly!

Soon I'll put Links to Web Pages here, that I'd like You to See, so all that You'll have to do, is to Click and Follow the Links, to see them!

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A Chance to see OUR Live Chat Sessions ~ Inday Fe & Jelyn, I know that it is more difficult for You both to have the chance to travel to the Internet Cafe, and for us all to be Online at the same time, so that we can "Live Chat Together", so I have saved some of the Chat Sessions that Annly and I have had, so that You can read them, as if You have the chance to sit in on the Conversation too! It will at least give You the chance to read some of the information that we discussed which may add to Your Understanding as well. I've saved some of them below, and as I have them ready, all You'll have to do is "Click on the Colored Link" and You'll have the chance to read them too! Right below, I've included a note about how We will be using this, and more, in the future ICUG Plans and Programs. Please let me know what You think about it, okay?

With Annly acting as Our Communications Coordinator (smile) and doing such a fine job, I might add, it has allowed me to share with You All, on a more frequent and timely basis. Now that we have the ability to use the Internet, the feature of "Live Chat", actually allows us to have an interactive Live Conversation, by typing our Words back and forth. We do all of this using the software Program called MSN Messenger. There is another Program that is also available Free, called "NetMeeting". It allows 2 or more People to Teleconference over the Internet, but in addition to Typing Words, it also allows all of the people who are participating, to See and Speak to and Hear one another! To Speak and Hear, the Computer that You are using must have a Microphone and Sound Card with Speakers (most Computers do, now a days) and if You want to See one another, then Your Computer will also need a Video Camera or a VidCam. For the future, ICUG will supply Computers with Sound Cards, Microphones and Speakers, and Video Cameras, so that when a Person comes here to Washington, DC, and learns how to use the Computer, when they go back to their Country or if they travel overseas to another ICUG Program, they will take with them an ICUG Computer or Laptop, and they will be able to connect and See, Speak and Hear us back here in Washington, DC and any and all other ICUG Members around the World who have the same Computer System Setup! Is that Exciting? Well, that part of the Plans for The ICUG Team and it's Members! * There was just an Television Advertisement or TV Commercial that is showing that the major Airlines are equipping all of their Airplanes so that people Flying on them, can Connect their Computers over the Internet, while on the plane, and they can do Email, Surf the Web, and even do Video Teleconferencing, like I'm describing here! Now, isn't it even more Exciting to think that You are participating in the Latest Technology!?




~ Our Chat Session Archives Michael to Inday Fe ~ Jelyn ~ Annly ~

Our Live Chat Archive Files ~ Coming Soon!


ICUG NetMeeting ~ USA, The Philippines & Malaysia Teleconference!


ICUG MSN Chat ~ The Philippines & Malaysia Teleconference


ICUG NetMeeting ~ USA & The Philippines Teleconference


ICUG MSN Chat ~ The Philippines & USA - Internet Cafe









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