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A few words to Clerk of the Works

As a member of the professional team responsible for the construction as well as the up-keep of structures, you will readily appreciate the importance of selecting a qualified team.

In this area of technology and continuous education, qualifications are often interpreted merely as those certificates awarded at the conclusion of a period of study, completely overlooking the wealth of experience accumulated by many mature men in important supervisory roles.

As a Clerk of Works you will be conscious of the important role you fulfil in establishing minimum standards of workmanship for the contract upon which you are engaged.

You may also wonder why your contribution throughout the whole of the contract does not receive the degree of recognition, your dedication and experience would normally be expected to warrant.

While you may be accepted as a responsible member in your professional team, the isolation of your role on site cannot entirely be disregarded.

When your colleagues leave the site to return to the office, they can discuss their contract problems with their professional colleagues.  You will remain alone to withstand the daily challenge of site problems, relying entirely upon your own initiative and experience to carry you through.

There is an answer to this problem of isolation - to the need for recognition for your experience - and in providing support for your problems on the site.  To overcome these very same problems a group of practicing Clerks of Works in 1887 formed an association which is the Institute of Clerks of Works of Great Britain Incorporated (ICW).

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