Icy Illusion's pink graphic maker

This graphic maker has been made 100% by me! The dolls have been taken off avatar palace, resized, edited and made trasnparent, which required hours or work! Please follow the rules before using this maker!


1. All props belong to me. Graphic maker props are not to be taken off my maker and put on to yours. You can make how ever many graphics you wish, however.
2. You have to link me back! These makers are all made for you, but I have spent hours working on them, so I hope you credit me by linking me!

3. Please vote for me! This isn't exactly required, but i'd really appreciate it if you do!

Enter to The Doll Palace Top Dolls Sites and Vote for this Site!!!

Thank you so much for reading the rules! I hope you enjoy the Pink Graphic Maker!

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