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As the picture says, Icy_Moffatt2001 is going to close this summer.Yahoo! decided to close Geocities services sometimes next summer, but there is no date for when it will be done. Yahoo! offers another service for building web sites, but it is not free as Geocities. Since I can't pay nor have the time to create a new web site somwhere else, I'm giving up on Icy_Moffatt2001.

It is hard for me to let this web site closing, but I have no choice. I started Icy_Moffatt2001 as a way to express and share my passion: the Moffatts. I met many people during all those years and I'm glad to still keep contact with a few of them today.

For those who would like to know what is going to happen to everything that I put online since 2001, I'm happy to say that Arwen from
MoffattMusic accepted to host a part of my articles and pictures. For the rest, I will save them in my computer and maybe on a dvd-rom. If you want to take something from my web site to add it to yours, please don't do it. I «gave» to Arwen everything that is online on Icy_Moffatt2001, I didn't ask to someone else to host my stuff. I trust her and I know that Arwen will continue her great work to keep every Moffatts' fans updated.

If you want to keep contact with me, my
email address will still be working. Another way to contact me is to join some forums where I'm a member: moffattmusic.com, thcanada.com (on both english and french forums) and tokiohotelamerica.com. On the first two sites, my username is Icy, and on the last one, it is IcyMoffatt.

Well, it was fun to work on Icy_Moffatt2001. I would like to thank everybody who visited my web site for the last 8 years. Also thank you to people who shared informations and pictures with me to add on Icy_Moffatt2001.

Goodbye and keep the Moffatts' spirit alive!!!

the webmaster.