Hi! Welcome to the home of my adult form animated gifs! Most of these were made by Lycentia and I think they are really neat. ^_^ Take all of the ones you like and enjoy!

Here's the link to Lycentia's site! She has a lot more than just these on her site; backgrounds, seperators, buttons, splash images, etc.

-Mandy *Sailor June Princess*

Moon Spiral Heart Attack

Super Sailor Moon Stance

Sailor Moon Looks Worried

Moon Gorgeous Meditation

Happy Super Sailor Moon

Exhausted Super Sailor Moon

Super Sailor Moon Laughs Nervously

Sonic Cry

Moon Tiara Action

Eternal Sailor Moon!

Neo Queen Serenity Uses Silver Crystal

Pink Sugar Heart Attack

Super Pink Sugar Heart Attack

Super Sailor Chibi Moon Whistles

Super Sailor Chibi Moon Jumps Up And Down Happily

Exhausted Super Sailor Chibi Moon

Super Sailor Chibi Moon Laughs Nervously

Super Sailor Chibi Moon With A Sweat Drop

Rini Bounces Luna P and Gets Umbrella

Aqua Rhapsody

Shabon Spray

Aqua Mirage

Super Sailor Mercury Reads A Book

It Looks Like Super Sailor Mercury Is Sneezing ^_~

Super Sailor Mercury High Kick

Exhausted Super Sailor Mercury

It Looks Like Super Sailor Mercury Can't Believe Her Eyes

Love And Beauty Shock

Link Chain Sword

Love Me Chain

Super Sailor Venus Fluffs Her Hair

Super Sailor Venus Winks

Super Sailor Venus Swings Her Heart Chain

Exhausted Super Sailor Venus

Super Sailor Venus Laughs

Super Sailor Venus Flips

Minako Becomes Sailor Venus (sort of like a movie gif)

Super Sailor Mars Kicks

Mars Fire Soul Bird

Mars Flame Sniper

Mars Snake Fire

Super Sailor Mars Stance

Super Sailor Mars Does A Strange Move

Super Sailor Mars Looks Pretty Mad....

Super Sailor Mars Does Another Strange Move

Sailor Jupiter Kicks

Oak Evolution

Supreme Thunder Dragon

Super Sailor Jupiter Rocks Back And Forth

Super Sailor Jupiter Winks

Coconut Cyclone

Exhausted Super Sailor Jupiter

Embarrassed Super Sailor Jupiter

Silent Blaster

Sailor Saturn Throws Her Staff

~*~ Sailor Saturn Fluffs Her Hair ~*~

Exhausted Sailor Saturn

~*~*****Sailor Saturn Laughs*****~*~

Death Reborn Revolution

Blocking Attack?

Queen of Saturn!

Sailor Uranus Swings Her Space Sword

World Shaking

Sailor Uranus Gives A Thumbs Up

Exhausted Sailor Uranus

Embarrassed Sailor Uranus

Space Sword Blaster

~*~*****Sailor Neptune Splashes*****~*~

~*~*****Sailor Neptune Fluffs Her Hair*****~*~

~*~ Sailor Neptune Whips Out Her Violin ~*~

~*~ Sailor Neptune Plays Her Violin ~*~

Exhausted Sailor Neptune

~*~ Sailor Neptune Looking Cute ~*~

~*~*****Deep Submerge*****~*~

~*~*****Submarine Reflection*****~*~

Cronus Typhoon

Sailor Pluto Spins Her Time Staff

Dead Scream

~*~ Sailor Pluto Laughs Prettily ~*~

Exhausted Sailor Pluto

Sailor Pluto Laughs Nervously

Dead Scream (Blocking Attack)

Sailor Pluto Flips Over Her Staff

Emerald Holds Her Green Fan And Laughs

Prince Diamond's Cape Moves In the Wind

Sapphire Kicks

Kaolinite Attacks

Viluy Attacks

Mimete Blinks

Diana Waves Her Tail And Blinks Cutely

Artemis Blinks

Luna Waves Her Tail Slightly

Luna Waves Her Tail

Luna Looks Around

Sailor Mars Attacks Super Sailor Moon