Welcome to Drive Ball Life

I, Clark James (Director / Coach) regard myself as a mentor and a coach. I share a passion for the game and an earnest desire to help young athletes succeed on and off the court. I apply my passion, along with talent and training, to base the foundation of the philosophy of Drive Ball Life (DBL). That philosophy is centered upon making the most constructive contribution possible to the athlete’s future.

  • Drive

    Energy and determination to achieve previously unattainable goals through motivation, tenacity and strength of mind.
  • Ball

    Giving all of yourself, so that there is no doubt as to whether you played to the best of your ability.
  • Life

    A continual pursuit for the improvement of self.


“What you gave my son in those couple of days was a renewed sense of what he can offer and on the Friday night of the training he had with you he played an awesome game…Your positive approach, I feel, yields a far better response.”

“DBL taught me to give 100% all of the time and to be more serious in practice and life …”