hey guys this is about me. i know i have a 411/bio page or w/e you like to call them lol but thats about my age my likes n things like that heh. well check out some stuff about me ^.^

Hay, as you all know (or should know..lol) my namez alicia. im not the oldest site maker in the world. but remember im not the youngest either lol. and im proud of my work on this site. did you know people actually visit LOL wo0t. well i wouldnt suspect nething less. when i first started this site, i direct linked ...ooopz sorri to :gurlpowerrr and bubblelicious. heh but i have a reason. i only started making a real site (from 9-b4 i opend this site i only did my neopets pages. *oh yeah neopets...* ...hey i havnt updated those for a while. my pets are must be hungry. O.o... but im dead rich on those things LOL ....omg i used to be so upsessed with them! wait am i talking about neopets or about me...sorry ikind of lost topic there and am now babbling. its quite fun. hah.) Ok about direct linking. I only direct linked becuz i had no idea what it was. i thought it was not linking a site after i used its stuff (how thick m i lol) my puppys eating my bread right now *sorry random* and well i applied for an award at gurlpowerrr and she kind of explained it to me (eve or essie i dunno who LOL one of the 2...most likley eve.) so a big thnx to them. Also i didnt know how to do frames (which i only did recently) a big thnx to all the great tutorials around the net.

OH you know how i said i am a very young site maker. WELL GUESS WHAT. in october i turn THE BIG 1-3! wo0t. going to grade 8. can you believe that LOL wow. thats old. im a granny. let me stay young!


i dont want to be 13.

fine OK! i cant stop life. Lol. actually i changed my mind. I WANT TO BE 13 I CANT WAIT WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT

Well more about me.

if i had one wish it would be for 100 more wishes but hey i know they say "except you cant wish for more wishes" (which i think is so unfair lOL i mean they say nething in the world rite?) but if i cant wish for that i would wish for the second best thing. but its korny. hehehehehehhe. cheesy. chicky. girly. wish.

do you really want to know.


come on. you know you dont

fine! if your gonna be so stubborn!!!!

i would wish forrrr....

really ur sure?

ok then...


didnt change ur mind?


i would wish for........


okay i would waste the wish on the boy i like. cheesey eh? well to bad ur not going to find out who that guy is. =P. but i seriously like him LoL. no ur not getting ne hints. NO U CANT KNOW THE LETTER HIS NAME STARTS WITH.

hehe if i ever stop liking this kid. (which is highly unlikley! ^.^) i would wish forrrr

i know what your thinking

dont start this again

but its just so fun!

it just amuses me

oh come on dont be such a sour tomato!

fine. if you say so

i would wish for

those that have been mean to other because of -race, family, and looks i would want them to learn their lesson in a harsh sort of way (ex. fart in public. sorry LOL but that would embarres them. HEY its not as bad as maybe crying cuz someone called you fat. or standing in a corner all by urself because your chinese or african or ne culture for that matter because you dont meet the standerds of other kids. or maybe because your not a good drawer, im not perfect (i might be a perfect angel but i dont mean it like that ^.^) i have had experiances that hurt my feelings ='0(. so if i could have another wish i would wish for -stereotypes and prejudice and racist and all those other mean type judgefull people to go away (not themselves but the thoughts they have.) Lol i know cheesey korny =X u must think "this kid is such a goody!" but hey ive had experiances. and i know how it feels.


more about me

i used to have a cat. who i loved very much. HE WAS A SPECIAL CAT AND I MISS HIM. his name was meenu (heh it means boy cat or something in a different language) he didnt know ANY tricks except being cute. but in my book thats good enough.i gave him away earlier this year. we moved and rented a house which allowed NO PETS. the owner of the house is a sour tomatoe. she wouldnt let us keep him. We gave him to a pretty unresponsible person. mistakes of life. ='( i only wish he is Ok in the wilderness alone.

my mommy really wanted a puppy for her birthday. it was like what she wished for when blowing out the candles. or what she really wanted for christmas when shed go under the tree and lookie all the gifts from santa (a.k.a moma hehehhe) oh and ps. my sister believes in santa so i cant do my ps. sorri Lol.
well back to my story. my dad took her out for her birthday, and knew my mommy really wanted a puppy. so he decided "i dont want the puppy" but my mommy is stubborn and got it, hehehe which im really glad (so is my daddy he loved her (the puppy ...he loves my mommy too hehhehe ^.^) so we got a bueatiful black puppy, with white feet and a little bit of white fur on her tummy aw so cute. =0) well this puppy is so sweet. like i said she eats my bread (jumps up on the computer and eats my bread that im having with my soup like shes all that!..heyt she is shes all that n more. hahaha cheesy korny gurly chicky explains me.!!hehehehhehehe neway her name is princess (believe me she is treated like a princess. i mean im surprised we havnt gotten lil bull dogs to fan her.) lol and shes the cutest puppy in the world. once i get a scanner ill show her pic and ull be the judge. God shes so cute. uh oh shes eating my sandles brb.......(shes teething LOL)

okay back...sorry i had to go to the bathroom in between LOL

this page is so fun to write i just write what ever comes to my mind. like say i wanted to tell you i dont like lemons i could say "i dont like lemons OHH except in my ice tea.! ice tea is sooooooooooooo nummmmmmmmmmmy! welll talking about drinks i see. i either have mood swings or so much useless information in my mind.

-ice tea
-cream soda!

my favorite drinks are up there ^^ wooot! they are nummy. hey im hungry i have a breat theif lOl. so lets talk about food. =0) see how good i am at changing subjects!

well pizza is always good. im not a big fan of meat, but its OK and im not a vegio. i used to be. i have gonet through my vegitarian phase to many times. once when i was 8 after i saw madaline. *oh yeah madaline i used to LOVE <333 THAT MOVIE!* the chicken died ='( so i became a vegio. LOL then my sister said if i didnt eat meat i would turn into a wrikly blob. and i didnt want that. (she left out the part about eating meat alternatives! (beans peanuts eggs)
so i ate a chicken finger LOL
never gonna forget that

another time just this year i stopped eating meat after my mom accidently ran over a rodent. i dont know which one. but i cried ='( LOL im so sensitive. but hey! i love animals. then i went to wendys. that vegio didnt turn out to well (a tip:dont go to wendys with a family full of conivors!!!(temptation!)

i feel bad for the rodent. it was an accident. ='( but only if his/her legs ran a lil faster.

the last time lasted about 2 days. i stopped eating meat for no reason. vegio at heart i called myself. but today i ate a chicken salad from wendys (i go to wendys alot. but its salad so its alright LOL) so you can see how vegio at heart doesnt suit me. =0)

vegio is a wierd word for vegitarian isnt it..lets see how many words io can go at the end of
cheerio (hehe yummy cheerios)
kittio (well sounds alright)
patio hatio satio (they all sound a bit dull. ...my patio is dull)
do you know i cant think of nemore. well lets make this page a lil more fun then it is right now, i know what ur thinking how could a page full of stuff abouit lil old me get ne better. but surprisingly it can! if you can name another word (that is made by another word ..example vegitarian=vegio) and add the ending io you win an award. oh god now i have to make another award.

awards..hmm that gets me thinking.
you want to know my grades? KEWL!

social =A
L.a =A
Math =A
food studies=A (eew yucky bacterial! wash those hands!
french =A (but its beginners hehhe) bonjour!!
construction=A (i made a dog!)
art=A (arent i such a good student!)
Phys ed=my average was a B i got a B in first semester B in second and C AHH in third, oh well. i used to be the best goalie. ehh goalie reminds me fo something


OH I LOVE SPORTS. im not to good at them Lol but i LOVE watching them. football-GREAT! hockey-I LOVE IT! badminton-Not bad..pretty kewl! tennis-not good at it but hey doesnt mean its not fun! swimming-LOVE IT! i can swim in the deep end LOL
i love all sports ^.^ although they arent my strong points.

and last but not least SOCCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE SOCCER! I WILL NEVER HIDE IT, SOCCER IZ THE BEST! I CAN PLAY IT FOR HOURS! DEFENCE FORWARD ANG GOALIE (what i usually played in elementry at school.) but when i moved....HEY! great idea lets talk about when i moved!

i know u guys wanna hear more but ill update this later. ^.^ lots to read go read it all over again LOl well thats all CYA!