Helios (human form) & Helios (pegasus form)


I really miss updating my site! I've been sick but I hope to update this site soon. I had some kind of really awful illness but I finally took an antibiotic for it and I'm getting well now. I WILL be back!
I have a couple of Sailor Dreams to put on the site as well as some fan art so I have to get well soon!

And by the way, I wanted to say *HAPPY BIRTHDAY* to my cousin, Brandy, Sailor Ruby Princess!! Today is her 18th birthday!


I won't be updating the site for a while. I'm recovering from some kind of flu bug. I've been sick for a couple of weeks now and I'm just finally getting better. I'm sorry that it's been so long since I've updated. I should have had a new layout up by now but I've been very sick, so sick that I've been in bed for weeks. I will update as soon as I can.


Today, the thumbnail of the New Edition Japanese manga cover that depicts Sailor Star Neptune now has a link to the full size picture. This is located in the "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" image gallery. Three new pictures were added to Page 2 of the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon image gallery. They are beautiful so please go see them! They are of Sailor Venus pretending to be the moon princess. She's beautiful!


Four new anime pictures were added to the second page of the Sailor Chibi Moon image gallery today. I added 2 new pictures to the Angel Gallery part of the Jesus and Sailor Moon section. They were scanned by me and they are very unique so check them out! One is of an angel blocking flames and the other is of a Japanese angel!


Today I added 1 new picture to the second page of the manga Sailor Chibi Moon image gallery. It's a very rare color picture of Princess Lady Serenity! I've also replaced one of the pictures in the Helios and Chibi Moon image gallery with a clearer version. One picture has also been added to the third page of the anime Pairs image gallery and this picture is also now in the Guardian Cat image gallery. It's a picture of Luna in human form and Kakeru!


There are TWO new image galleries here! In the "sweet" section, there is now a Helios image gallery. You will find tons of pictures of both Helios in pegasus form and in human form. The second image gallery is a Queen Neherenia image gallery located in the "sour" section. Enjoy them both!


Sorry for the long delay in updates! I've been babysitting my 4-year-old cousin, Helena, for the past couple of weeks. It's been hard to make time for my site. I will only be babysitting her temporarily so the site will be updated as much as it once was once I stop babysitting her.

Today, I've added a mini gallery inside the "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" image gallery for the New Edition Japanese Manga covers! They are beautiful! If you haven't seen them yet, please go to the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon gallery here on my site to view them. I currently have the covers of Volumes 1-9 there although I don't have a large image for Volume 8 yet. I hope to find one soon.


I've been sick with the flu for a week. Ick. I'm finally pretty much over it though. I was working on a new image gallery until I came down with the virus so now that I'm better, I will be working on it again. I hope to finish it in a little over a week.

There are 4 new drawings in the fan art section. There are two computer drawings done by Sailor Love on the third page of the Characters Created By Fans section of the Fan Art gallery. The first is of Sailor Monika and the second is of Sailor Chibi Monika. Both are really colorful! Very unique!

There are also two new drawings done by *Sailor Chibi Mercury* (Grace *Sailor Earth's* real life sister) in the fan art section. The first is of Eternal Sailor Chibi Mercury and it's on the third page of the Characters Created By Fans section. The second drawing is of Diana and that is, of course, in the Diana part of the Fan Art section. Very kawaii drawings! ^_^


Another new image gallery in the "sweet" section! This one is of the guardian cats, Luna, Artemis, and Diana! Visit it and enjoy! ^_^ I've also added 9 new images to the Wicked Lady gallery.


There's another new image gallery! Look for it listed under the title "Other Image Galleries" that is now on the Image Gallery Entrance page. This gallery is special. It's a gallery of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon pictures that I edited myself. You won't find most of these just anywhere so enjoy! ^_^

I've also added a new picture to the Manga section of the Pairs image gallery. It's a black and white picture of Mamoru and Helios that I scanned myself.


There's a new layout! I hope you like it! It's a layout featuring one of my favorite Sailor Moon characters, Helios/Pegasus. Isn't he cute? lol. Enjoy the Easter layout everyone! ~_^


A few things have been added. There's a new version of Sailor Mercury's Crystal Power Make-Up in the movie gifs section. I really like this new version because it's so different from the one I'm used to seeing. There is also another new movie gif in the "Groups" part of the movie gifs section. It is of Super Sailor Mars and Super Sailor Mercury powering up. Their forehead symbols are glowing. Really neat! I've also added another site to my links section. It's The Crescent Princess's Palace.


Guess what?! I've added over 20 new midis to the "Sailor Moon Midis" section!! You guys are going to LOVE them!! They are all very beautiful! Most of them I had never even heard before! Some of their titles are "Eternal Wind," "A Bell Is Ringing," "Baby Love," "Ashloo," "Garnet Guardian," "Music Box Lullaby," "Senshi Feeling," "Snow Mountain," and "Unite." Check those out!! You won't be disappointed! They are soul stirring!! I'm so glad that I found them! Enjoy! ^_~


Yesterday, I added two new pics to the "Anime" part of the "Pairs" image gallery. There are 110 anime pair pictures there now! I also added 4 new animated gifs to the "Mini V. G. A. Gifs" section. Two are of human Luna and two are of Princess Fireball/Kakyuu. There are a bunch of new animated gifs in the "Movie Gifs" section! There are several new Sailor Saturn movie gifs. There's a new one for Sailor Mercury. There's a new one for Sailor Moon. There is a new one in the Groups area. There are . . . three new ones for Sailor Venus. There is also a new one for Princess Fireball. Lots of new stuff!


There's a new drawing in the fan art gallery! It's by Sailor Unicorn and it is of Eternal Sailor Moon and Sailor Star Chibi Moon! It's great so check it out. It's in the "Pairs" section.

I've got a new sister site! It's a small site with Lisa Bay's artwork on it. She won my fan art contest once with a beautiful drawing of Queen Jupiter. Her art is worth seeing. The link to her site is the first "E" of SISTER SITES on the main menu page of my site. A text link to her site "Sweet & Simple" can also be found on my "Links" page.


I've added a description and a picture of my SuperS Crystal Power Charatalk Sailor Mercury doll. I have new things to scan. I have three more doll outfits, a Tuxedo Mask doll, some cards, and some stickers to scan. I also have to scan two more of my art books. I know . . . . It's taking me forever. I'm sorry.


There is a new image gallery here! Pairs! Enjoy! ^_^

I've also added a transparent gif to the "anime" part of the Royal Family image gallery. Also, I've added 1 new picture to the "Inner Senshi" part of the Groups gallery.


There is a new fan fic here! It's by Janus and it's entitled "Knock! Knock! Who's There?" It is absolutely wonderful! A must read! It is in the PG section of the Fan Fiction. Make sure you visit my fan art gallery to see the pictures that she has submitted. They are in the "Characters Created By Fans" section. I've added two new ones today. I've also added Chapter 1 of "The Legacy Begins" by Amber Buttrum.


Things have been hectic lately because my mother just had surgery on January 20th. I've been doing housework and tending to my mother also and going back and forth with my parents to hospitals and doctors' offices. Enough of that!

As you can see, I've fabricated a Valentine's Day layout as is my tradition. This one is similar to one that was here about three years ago. I've been so busy and so much has been on my mind that I forgot about my own site's 4th birthday! *smacks forehead* I was waiting for it with much anticipation and then the next time I thought of it, my site's birthday was over! *sigh*

I've been adding images to various galleries. I added a couple to the Sailor Venus gallery and I changed the "gift" on the "Exit" page. I also edited labels and text out of a bunch of pictures that are in the Sailor Chibi Moon gallery. If you got some of those pictures, resave them because the new versions are excellent.


I've divided most of the image galleries into two pages so that there are fewer pictures on each page. There are now 54 pictures per page. This will make the pages load faster.

I have been adding new images to the group gallery. The manga picture of Usagi, Sailor Venus, and Tuxedo Mask on the moon has been replaced with a ONE PIECE version instead of the two piece version! (Remember how that picture was two pages in the art book so part of the picture was sort of cut in half?) It's very large and very beautiful! (It's one of my favorite pictures so I'm very pleased to have it in a one piece version.) That is picture #23 in the manga section of the group gallery. (You click on "Other" and then "Manga.") That picture is also found in the Serenity and Endymion gallery. I don't know if you noticed but every time I get a better image of one that is already on my site, I replace the old image with the better one so that you always have the best.

I have added descriptions and scans of three new doll outfits that I have to the "My Sailor Moon Stuff" section. They are Super S Crystal Power Fukus for Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Venus. I have also added descriptions and scans of two more graphic novels to that section of my site.


I have some be-u-ti-ful new fan art in my gallery . . . . If you don't check it out, you are going to miss out. There are three new computer drawings in my gallery. They were sent to me by Janus, a new artist around here. Her Sailor is very original so she's worth checking out! Janus' computer drawings are located on the third page of the "Characters Created By Fans" section of the Fan Art Gallery.


I put the group image gallery on the image gallery menu a few days ago. Sorry that I didn't announce that here. Happy new year!


I was trying to finish the group image gallery several days ago when my computer started acting really odd. It started making terrible noises. I think my hard drive is going. I scanned my computer for viruses and it is clean. I had already figured, just by the sound of my computer, that a virus was not causing the problem.

I have been busy since then saving ALL of my files to floppy disks. It has been very stressful and tiring for me. I have saved nearly everything. I only have a bit more to save and I should be able to finish doing that today. I'm very sorry. If I get everything backed up, I will try to finish the group gallery before my computer dies. I'm not sure how much longer my computer will hold out.

If my computer does in fact die on me, I will not be able to update this site as much. My parents have a computer so if I have to, I can update using that. Until I get my computer fixed or either get a new one, I won't be able to make major updates. Don't give up on me though. I will not be gone for good. I will resolve the problem some kind of way and I will do all that I can to keep this site going. Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year anyway, okay?


I hope you like the winter layout! I apologize for not finishing the group gallery yet. I will get that done soon.


Two new pictures were added. One was added to the manga Sailor Pluto gallery and one was added to the Wicked Lady gallery.


If any of you are interested in seeing Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, the live action TV show, or learning about it, please click on the image of Sailor V to go to a wonderful site:

There are illustrated episode guides there for most of the episodes that have aired in Japan so far. (Only 8 have aired so far.) Personally, I like it but I can see where things could be made better. Queen Beryl looks really awesome, in my opinion. I also really like Sailor V/Venus. Sailor Mars is pretty neat looking too. It all seemed sort of strange at first but then I really got into it. Go check it out for yourself and establish your own opinions on Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

-Mandy *Sailor June Princess*


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