Bob Helwig
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I grew up on a small farm, actually the left over 40 acres of a large farm that a farmer sold in pieces.  So I had to mow the lawn with a tractor...And walk a mile to the Bus Stop, and learned all about the flora and fauna as I walked the woods.

But my Dad was/is a Chemist, and so I was raised in a private school (Christian) for 6 years, and pushed just as hard academically as I loved the hills of Western PA.

I am one of the best Computer Analysts in my Specialty, but can just as easily take a blade of grass and make a whistle.

I live my life as the dychotomy that it is, and try to give myself both balance and width.
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I have many hobbies that seem to be one person tasks.  I do love to be with people, but I grew up being able to entertain myself, and so I do, when I must.

The last hobby I have deeply ingrained into myself is the restoration of motorcycles and cars.  I have two motorcycles that I basically completely rebuilt, and two cars that I have to finish...  I helped my step-son restore the body of a VW BUS, as well.  I also bought two MGBs years ago, and made one working car out of them.

Computers.  Enough said.  Not a geek, just a job and a tool.

Writing....Mostly Music, Music, Music!!!

Rock Climbing in a Gym.  Not ready for outdoor yet, but I have fun

Bicycling, roller blading, jogging....If the setting is right.  Otherwise I take my Motorcycle...

And a big space for learning new interests and hobbies that I can share with my friends and companions.
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I have the best friends and family anybody could ever want.  We are all very close and supportive, and talk often.

Since I have concentrated on my music, lately, the band I write for has become my second family.  Very special people.
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