My experiences as a Retired Preacher, Singer, and Preacher's Wife!
My name is Ida Gallagher and I have many experiences to share with you all out there as a Oneness Pentecostal Preacher, Singer, and Preacher's Wife.  
Our first church that we pastored  back when we were first married, proved to be quite a struggle.
The town in West Virgina where  we lived was very poor.  We had to save up on food for two weeks before and two weeks afterwards so that we could have enough food to feed our Evangelist & his wife during a two weeks Revival.
There was a time when the rent came due.It was only $12.50 a week. Not much. But we didn't have it, And you know that out goes you and your possessions on the street if you don't pay the rent. Our food supply was low also. Old Mother Hubbard's Cuppard was so bare that a dog couldn't even find himself a bone. About all that we had in our apartment was one box of lemon pie filling and a small amout of oatmeal. We didn't have any eggs, sugar, or anything else to fix either product that would be tasty. They really looked lonesome by themselves.So my husband Dan, said, "Let's mix them together." So that's just exactly what we did. Now doesn't that sound delicious!  But since we were so hungry we ate every bite of that concoction that we had created. Then we had little to nothning.  Only a few coins had come in the offerings, which we had to  share with the upkeep of the Church.
So one Sunday night after the Church Service, we came home and we knelt down by our bed and poured our hearts out to God, letting Him know that we could not go on any farther. We were desparate! We just had to have His help! 
Well;the next morning we were awaken by a knock on our door with a voice shouting,
" Brother Gallagher  God has sent me over here." So We opened the door! A stranger stood in front of us, holding  a big box of groceries. We were elated! We took the food out of the box and put it away.  I said "Honey, it looks like we are going to eat for awhile. But that doesn't pay the rent."I guess that I was a "Doubting Thomas." But as Dan was taking the box outside to throw it away, I spotted something in that box, and gave out a shrilling noise that would have pierced you eardrums."I said there's something in there." And it sure was a job trying to  convince my husband. Well now, you would have thought that there was a big old snake in that box that was ready to strike at any moment, by the way that we were acting. And I am sure that it was a comical sight to behold.
We debated back and forth; as to which one of us was going to have the distinct honor of retrieving it. Finally one of us reached down inside the bottom of that box and pulled out an envelope and inside there was fifteen dollars. Enough to pay the rent and some left over. Isn't that just like My God? He was our answer. We sure did rejoice; giving Thanks to Him! It felt just like Christmas!
God is my Saviour and Healer. I was baptized in Jesus Name and received the Holy Ghost at a young age in my life.
God has healed and touched my body many times during my sixty three years down here upon this earth. I wouldn't be writing this tonight. But God came on the scene when I was only six months of age. I had contracted an epidemic that was deadly. And it was  sweeping the area, attacking the infants and very young children, where I was born in the city of Terre Haute, Indiana.
I had a high fever over 106 degrees. Convulsions and death rattles had taken over with vomiting, etc. My Mother and Father stayed with me for three days and nights while I was in the hospital.
My doctor had done all that he could do; as he worked feverously on me. But he realized that God had to do something to bring deliverance. He told my father to gather the family and friends around my bedside to say their good-byes. For he told him that unless God performed a miracle that I would be dead by morning.
But my old grandpa who was a Pentecostal Preacher couldn't stand that. So he and another good old Pentecostal Preacher spent that night praying for me. For one of them had said as long there is breath there is hope.
When morning came I was still alive. God came on the scene and brought me deliverance. And many more times He has healed me. He healed me of a stroke in 1995 where I could not eat, swallow, or talk. But Praise the Lord, Prayer went out for me and again Jesus came on the scene and brought deliverance in my life. For I was able to speak again!  Isn't that just like My God!
Now I could go on, and on, and on, telling you about the many wonderful things that Jesus has done in my lifetime.
Some were healings. Others happened while my husband and I were out on the Evangelist Field preaching and singing for the Lord. Those that I love (Pets Included) have been a blessing to me. And they have also received many Wonderful Blessings from the Good Lord. Praise the Lord!
But time and space could never tell you the half of it all.
We traveled by bus, hitch-hiking etc. while we worked for the Lord.We preached and sang to bring honor to His Name!
We hope to tell more stories and pray that we can show some of our pictures from our Ministering Days later on.  
I would love to hear from
you Oneness Pentecostals out there.
I covet your prayers.
God BlessYou! 
        Sister Ida Gallagher
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