South-Eastern Idaho Whitewater
Chicken Head Falls - Clark's Fork of the Yellowstone
Kayaker - Kevin Veon
Final drop on Big Falls (800 cfs) - Payette River, South Fork
Kayaker - Kevin Veon
Class V runs within 2 hours of Idaho Falls
Blackfoot River Continuous class IV with 2 class V drops and 1 class VI
Canyon Creek Class III-V:  Low volume technical creek.
Teton River Class III-V
Bitch Creek
Class III-V
Warm River
2 miles of continuous class V
Madison River 1 mile of continuous class V below Quake Lake
Park and Play - Near Blackfoot, Idaho
Groveland Excellent wave for surfing and flat spinning.
Highly recommended wilderness run
Big Creek Class II-V:  2 days on Big Creek, 1 day on the Middle Fork. Accessible only by airplane - contact Salmon Air Taxi.
Steep creeks - Northern Idaho
Big Sands Creek Class V - 160 to 260 feet/mile
Class V - 200 to 500 feet/mile
Smith Creek
White River Falls, Oregon
52 feet
Kayaker - Kevin Veon
The North American Veon
Idaho River Levels
Name: Kevin Veon
USGS site for Idaho
SE Idaho Reservoir Levels
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