Euro Coin sorter

Plastic valet for separated storage of euro coins by denominations which makes paying with coins easier and faster.


Coins are inserted in plastic box dimensions 100x50x25 mm with 8 tubes, each suitable for a different coin denomination (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 cents, € 1, € 2). In each tube the spring is in-built; that spring pushes coins upwards and enables continual attainability of coins.


When person needs to pay he/she simply slides with thumb over a coin which slips out of tube. Filling with coins is also very easy - coin is inserted in suitable tube the spring is pushed down and when it looses the coin stays stuck.

In E - COIN SORTER is room for 8 coins of each denomination (together 64 coins).

    PRICE  € 4,20

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