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May 31: Wow, haven't done anything for so long, but I have found another tunnel. Check out the computers aspect of my site
In this world, order exists.  This order is for the comfort of all those who make decisions effecting all
the lives around them.  They don't like it when this order is reduced to nothing more than a sleeping threat.  Look at the drug world.  The most successful trade in all the world, and it is forbidden.  This is where Free Market rules.  This is capitolistic.  This is the perfect definition of what Adam Smith's vision was.  There is another realm in which knowledge rules.  This is hacking.  Hacking is another world in which the government yerns to control.  It pisses them off so much that 12 year olds are doing things there small, ignorant brains could never comprhend over a lifetime.  And there is one more great example.  Anarchy isn't chaos, oh no.  It is balance.  It is giving people the freedom to do what they want.  If they are educated, then this is a far more superior idea than, democracy.  The only thing is, is that you need to hold true the things that the societies of old hold close.  Honour, truth, respect, and most importantly, no control.  If these exist, you have the Utopian society.  THe only problem is, is humans are the most vile species of them all.  Or greed takes all of  us at one point in our lives.  The great thing is is that you have both extreme good, and extreme bad.  Remember, DESTRUCTION BREEDS CREATION.
Dec 11: I've got some goodnews, and badnews.  First, the good news.  I Have discovered the best game premise in the world.  It's called franks adventure.  I've added it in my links section.  Play it.  and I've also have a new games page in there as well.  The bad news is, some of my links don't work anymore, because I routed them through slysurf, and slysurf is no more.  I will be searching for a different anonimity page, and That should all be fixed by next week.  Tally-ho!
Dec. 3: Sly Surf is down, but have no fear, I have discovered a new CGI proxy.
The hotlink is in
Dec. 2: I have added some sound clips from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and also Cheech and Chong.  This is included in the Sounds portion of the website.  Also, Revenge TV is a new hotlink in links.