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Can we divide the whole human race into Inventors and Implementers? If you answer "yes" then we are on the same wavelength! Inventors produce ideas and Implementers make them real. The Nature won't give all talents to one person: very often Inventors are not able to concretise their visions and Implementers lacks material to run their workshops. Complementarity is the keyword: without the other half, both parts suffer. (It sounds familiar, isn't it?)


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On this site we give away ideas for free. Our ideas are offered to all clever entrepreneurs able to work on them and to transform them into gold. No copyrights, no royalties, no fees. Plenty of good ideas are sleeping unexploited; one of them could make you the next multimillionaire...


Call us "Inventors", "Creative people", "Visionaries" or whatever you like, we are people with ideas but without the time, money, means, energy, capabilities or possibility to implement them. Our ideas look good to us; if you feel the same, please use them. This site is open to everybody who wants to make a "suggestion for a better world" (let's use this philosophical formulation). Contributions are always welcome. Suggestions for improving the published ideas are very welcome, too.

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