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I am pleased to inform you that Ident City will soon be moving to its new address on the web, right here.

I am working on turning what has previously been a personal site about TV idents into a more complete archive on TV idents and other television related items.

If you have any material from anywhere in the world, I would be pleased to recieve it.

All your comments and contributions to the City are welcome.  Email me at identcity@citymedia.freeserve.co.uk

I am currently particularly interested in the following items, though if you have anything TV related, I would be interested.

SKY Channel pre Astra - I remember at least one ident from the pre-Astra era, which ironically was a sports ident.  I am aware of at least a couple of other SKY idents from that era.  I would love to see them all.

Lifestyle/Screensport - If anyone has tapes of these idents from the early 90's, let me know.  I remember seeing the Screensport idents on televisions in stores back then and I wish I'd had satellite at that stage so I could have recorded them.

TSW 1989 - 1992 - I used to have these on tape until it broke (major bummer!!!).  If anybody has these, I would be most interested in seeing them again.  TSW did not use their regional ITV idents that were created for them, instead they created seasonal idents with special ones for Christmas, New Year and Easter.

Regional ITV idents 1989 - I would imagine that somewhere you would find all the regional idents that were created for the ITV regional companies during the 1989 corporate look, even those that were never used on air.  If anyone knows where to find them, let me know.

The New ITV Hearts 1999 - I understand that there are 16 different idents for each region and indeed for the generic ITV logo.  If you have them all, you're a lucky swine.  Share them please!

NBC Super Channel/NBC Europe/CNBC Europe - The NBC Super Channel ident was one of the best ever in my book.  Unfortunately that ident and the early CNBC Europe idents were lost when my own idents tape went snap!.  If you have any of those plus any of the idents from when NBC Super Channel was renamed NBC Europe, I would love to see them.

European Television Channels - There are very few idents from European channels around on the net, a few french and greek ones but not many others.  If you do have idents from channels in other parts of the European Continent, let me know.

American Network Idents; ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX/UPN/WB/PAX/PBS - It is strange that in just about every collection that exists on the internet, there are no idents for the various american TV networks.  Complete versions of those idents would be most welcome.

Cable Exclusive Channels - It is unfortunate that I live in Cornwall, England.  Why, because cable TV has yet to reach us.  Therefore I have never seen Idents for Channel One, Performance, Live TV and the other cable exclusive channels.  If you have them, I would be most interested in seeing them.

Star TV/Asian Satellite Channels - I have seen the logos for some of these channels but I would like to see the video idents that go with them.  If anyone has them, let me know

North American Cable Channels - I have seen some promos for these channels but no idents.  Again, any idents from any cable network in North America would be appreciated.

British Satellite Broadcasting Channel Idents - I have seen some Real Media versions of these on the web, but I have to say that I would love to see more material relating to BSB, there is so little currently out there.  If anybody does have any material, especially the launch of BSB, I would love to know.

If you have any of the above or any others that are rare, unusual or just not seen anywhere else on the web, then email me at identcity@citymedia.freeserve.co.uk.

The site will move here sometime soon.  Until such time, the site will remain at www.oocities.com/cityprod.

You will soon be able to join a mailing list here about Ident City.  I'll be spreading the word about that when I've got it set up.

Have fun and I'll see you soon at our new address.

Ident City