James Dean's New York

James Dean spent the remaining years of his life in New York City. There he lived, loved, studied, explored and suffered. As a professional actor, New York's melting pot was fodder for creativity and James Dean exploited her teaming masses to fuel his art. His work in television and theatre in this great city eventually lead him to the greener pastures of Hollywood.

James Dean Is Not Dead is proud to present a tour guide of James Dean's New York. This map includes several locations of interest to James Dean fans: where he lived, where he worked, where he studied and where he socialized. Some of these places are no longer in existence, and New York City has changed quite a bit since James Dean's last visit. But we hope that it will prove to be a helpful guide to all James Dean fans who come to New York and wish to stand in that very spot James Dean once stood.

Is a location that you're interested in or know about not indicated on the map? Email the Webmaster at idiot__savant@yahoo.com with the name and address of the location so that we can include it in the tour.

Map Notes:

James Dean New York City Tour Map 1a. The Actors Studio, 245 West 52nd Street, Top Floor (original location)

1b. The Actors Studio, 432 West 44th Street (current location)

2. Algonquin Hotel, 59 West 44th Street

3. Astor Theatre, 45th Street and Broadway (no longer in existence)

4. Cherry Lane Theatre, 38 Commerce Street

5. Cort Theatre, 138 W. 48th Street

6. Cromwell's Pharmacy, 30 Rockerfeller Plaza (no longer in existence)

7/8. Iroquois Hotel/Dumont Barber Shop, 49 West 44th Street, Room 82

9. 13 West 89th Street (home)

10. 19 West 68th Street, Fifth Floor (home)

11. Jane Deacy Agency, 60 East 42nd Street (no longer in existence)

12. Jerry's Bar and Restaurant, 1335 Sixth Avenue (no longer in existence)

13. Jimmy Ryan's Bar, 154 West 54th Street (no longer in existence)/ Ziegfeld Theatre, 141 West 54th Street

14. Louis Schurr Agency, 1501 Broadway (no longer in existence)

15. Louis Tavern, 564 11th Avenue (no longer in existence)

16. Minetta Tavern, 113 MacDougal Street

17. Roxy Theatre, Seventh Avenue and 50th Street (no longer in existence)

18. Royale Theatre, 242 West 45th Street/ Sardi's Restaurant, 234 West 44th Street

19. Roy Schatt's Studio, 149 East 33rd Street

20. Theatre De Lys, 121 Christopher Street (no longer in existence)

21. YMCA, 5 West 63rd Street

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