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1. Everyday Sites

BookCrossing Globe & Mail Google McGill Webmail Hotmail
CBC Montreal weather GeoCities Live Journal P & N Photos

2. Books

In 2004 I have read:


In 2003 I read:


Amazon AddAll BookCloseouts  
My book wishlist BookRelay Very Shorts Intros Seven Stories
Whichbook Bookslut Gay lit More gay lit

3. Music

PopMatters Pollstar NME Rolling Stone Pinknoises
Björk Les Georges PJ Harvey Tracy +  the Plastics Le Tigre
Pitchfork Magnetic Fields      

4. Movies

Cinéma du Parc Ex-Centris Cinémathèque québécoise 40 best directors Movies playing in Montreal

5. McGill

McGill McGill Libraries MUSE E-Indexes School of SW
Minerva WebCT REGGIE McGill Classfieds  

6. Travel

Lonely Planet Air Transat CanJet CROUS in Nice ESL Database
Destina EasyJet EFL in Asia ESL Café Expedia
Go Japan FAQ JetBlue Airways JetsGo London Capital
Rail Europe Ryan Air ESL in Japan ESL in Taiwan TimeOut London
Travelocity TV Travel Shop UK immigration Zoom Airlines WonderTravel
DFAIT European discount airlines STA Travel BUG Euro Backpacking Guide Last Minute Travel
PriceLine cheap flights Cheap Tickets Hotwire HostelWorld  

7. Nice

CROUS in Nice Nice Se Loger RivieraDeal Journal de Nice République Immoblier
Point d'Info Occelli Agence Buffa Bonjour France Le site gai des niçois
Italy/France/Tunisia ferries French working rules More French working rules  Even more French working rules Map of Nice

8. Ways to waste my time

GeoCache GeoCaching Québec Guardian Butt Mag Coagula
Accordions Gov't Job Bank Church of Craft Currency converter Dot!
Eddie Izzard EGALE Epinions Salon Mulholland Dr explained
Translation Get Crafty Koolass Loto-Québec MapQuest
Iron Ons ReadyMade Granny Montreal Transit Sublime Stitch
El Banco The Nation The Onion Vice Utne
HTML tutorials Index Mag Dictionary How to be an ally Weight Watchers 1974
Candyboots Pound Recipezaar Conjugation magic!  MS Templates etc.

7. Docs

Isa's English Reference Isa's French Reference CRISS letter head Resumé