Section 177, 178, 179, 180 of the National Internal Revenue Code of 1997
177, 178, 179, 180

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"SECTION 177. Stamp Tax on Bonds, Debentures, Certificates of Stock or Indebtedness Issued in Foreign Countries. - On all bonds, debentures, certificates of stock, or certificates of indebtedness issued in any foreign country, there shall be collected from the person selling or transferring the same in the Philippines, such tax as is required by law on similar instruments when issued, sold or transferred in the Philippines.

"SECTION 178. Stamp Tax on Certificates of Profits or Interest in Property or Accumulations. - On all certificates of profits, or any certificate or memorandum showing interest in the property or accumulations of any association, company or corporation, and on all transfers of such certificates or memoranda, there shall be collected a documentary stamp tax of Fifty centavos (P0.50) on each Two hundred pesos (P200), or fractional part thereof, of the face value of such certificate or memorandum.

"SECTION 179. Stamp Tax on Bank Checks, Drafts, Certificates of Deposit not Bearing Interest, and Other Instruments. - On each bank check, draft, or certificate of deposit not drawing interest, or order for the payment of any sum of money drawn upon or issued by any bank, trust company, or any person or persons, companies or corporations, at sight or on demand, there shall be collected a documentary stamp tax of One peso and fifty centavos (P1.50).

"SECTION 180. Stamp Tax on All Bonds, Loan Agreements, Promissory Notes, Bills of Exchange, Drafts, Instruments and Securities Issued by the Government or Any of its Instrumentalities, Deposit Substitute Debt Instruments, Certificates of Deposits Bearing Interest and Others Not Payable on Sight or Demand. - On all bonds, loan agreements, including those signed abroad, wherein the object of the contract is located or used in the Philippines, bills of exchange (between points within the Philippines), drafts, instruments and securities issued by the Government or any of its instrumentalities, deposit substitute debt instruments, certificates of deposits drawing interest, orders for the payment of any sum of money otherwise than at sight or on demand, on all promissory notes, whether negotiable or non-negotiable, except bank notes issued for circulation, and on each renewal of any such note, there shall be collected a documentary stamp tax of Thirty centavos (P0.30) on each Two hundred pesos (P200), or fractional part thereof, of the face value of any such agreement, bill of exchange, draft, certificate of deposit, or note: Provided, That only one documentary stamp tax shall be imposed on either loan agreement, or promissory notes issued to secure such loan, whichever will yield a higher tax: Provided, however, That loan agreements or promissory notes the aggregate of which does not exceed Two hundred fifty thousand pesos (P250,000) executed by an individual for his purchase on installment for his personal use or that of his family and not for business, resale, barter or hire of a house, lot, motor vehicle, appliance or furniture shall be exempt from the payment of the documentary stamp tax provided under this Section.

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