Glossary of Sexual Slang



Glossary of Sexual Slang

Clinical term -- definition: slang words and euphemistic terms.

Analinctus -- anal (rectal) intercourse: bugger; bufu; butt (or bum) fucking; back door Charlie; chocolate cave; chocolate way; corn hole; dirty road; doodie shoot; fudge packing; Greek style; (or "Greek culture"); up dirt trail; in (up) the ass; the little used path; pack your poop shute; pederasty (imprecise, because it refers to an ancient Greek institutionalized relationship); poop for your pooter; redeye; ram the dam; 66; sodomy (which is a legal term and is too general or all inclusive); stern job; tail fucking.

Analingus -- oral-anus kissing or licking: around the world; bite the brown; chocolate job; going up mustard road; rimming; reaming; to rim somebody (to lick somebody's anus); tongue in cheek it; up dirt trail.

Anus - a-nus - n., pl. a-nus-es. -- The opening at the lower end of the alimentary canal through which solid waste is eliminated from the body. [Middle English, from Latin.]; anal orifice or sphincter: ass; ass hole; back door; bootey; brown eye; bung hole; bunkey; butt hole; can; crack; dirt hole; chocolate friend; chocolate hole; chocolate road; chocolate tunnel; cornhole; crapper; dumper; fanny; heiny hole; hershey highway (or road); hershey squirter; mud chute; pooper; red-eye; rose bud; shitter; turd cutter; turtle.

Clitoris - clit-o-ris n. -- A small, elongated erectile organ at the anterior part of the vulva, homologous with the penis. [New Latin, from Greek kleitoris. - clit-o-ral adj.: bead; bean; boogie button; bud; cherry; clickie; clit; door bell; female cock; flickie; hot spot; joy button; little man in the boat; love button; magic button; magic trigger; raisin; tickler; trigger.

Coitus - co-i-tus - n. -- Sexual union between a male and a female involving insertion of the penis into the vagina. [Latin, from past participle of cohre, to copulate : co-, co- + hre, to go, come; see ei- below.] —co-i-tal adj. —co-i-tal-ly adv. to have sexual, penis in vagina, intercourse: [Sexologist John Money recommends two transitive verb forms for the activity indicated by the noun "coitus" since none exist excepting for the socially unacceptable "fuck." These should be "swive," and "quim," which are obsolete early English. Men would "swive" women, whereas women would "quim" men. Both verb forms for coitus are active and are not indicative of a power imbalance relationship between the sexes engaging in this activity.].

Vulgarism or "obscenities": ball; balling; bang; boff; boffing; bopping; frig; fuck; fucking; frick; get laid; getting a piece; get a piece of ass; hump; humping; jump; lay; pump; quim; rip off a quick piece; screw; screwing; scrogging; scrump; scrumping; shag; shagging; slam; steaming.

Jargon : "connexion"; congress; copulation; fornicate; hustle; intimate relations; intercourse; to "know" a woman; knowing; carnal knowledge; mounting; penetrate; rape; turn a trick (prostitute's term); sexual intercourse; sexual union; sexual congress.

Euphemisms: all the way; do it; doing it; getting it on; go to bed; go to town; have sex; home run; horizontal boogie; horizontal bop; make it; make love; making love; making babies; playing, or "let's play"; score; shacking-up; slept with; sleeping with; having an affair; going all the way; seeing someone; spending the night with someone; talk (let’s talk); a quickie; whoopee.

Romanticisms: deflower (obsolete); he debauched her; he deflowered her; he despoiled her; a fate worse than death; plucking rosebuds; ravish; he ravished her; the ole in and out; seduce; sheath the sword to the hilt (Shakespeare); making the two-backed beast (Chaucer); she succumbed to his blandishment; he took her honor; they consummated their love; violate; he violated her.

Slang: backseat roll; ball; to ball; balls eye; bang the box; bang your brains out; banging your beaver; banging bones; bang the hell out of it; being a man; being in the saddle; belly dancing; bingo; birds and bees; bird doggin’; blowin' a load; boff; boffin; boing; boink; boom-boom; bone dancing; boogie; bouncing bellies; bring the log to the beaver; bucking; bump and grind; bumping; bumpin' fuzzies; bumping pretties; bumpin’ rugs; bumpin’ uglies; buns in the oven; bury cable; bury the bologna; bury the hatchet where it won't rust; bush diving; busting guts; catch the weasel; catching scootie; come to daddy; coming down on it; cooking; cuddle-my-cuddle; diddle; dip the (your) wick; dirty deed; doink; doing it doggie style; doggin; do it; do the Big Bony Moroney; doing it; doing the big trick; doing the deed; doing the dirty deed; doing the funky monkey; doing the (or a) nasty; doing the thang; doing the wild thing; doink; doinking; do work; drill; drilling for oil; duka-duka; dump; exploratory surgery; filling the box; flesh injection; fooling around; fourth base; fuzz bump; getting bent; get busy; get down and dirty; get freaky; get into someone's pants; getting it on; getting on; get it on; gettin' it on; get it off; get parallel; getting horizontal; getting laid; getting lucky; getting off; getting a nut; get paid; get pie; get plugged; get some area; getting some leg; getting some sugar; get some trim (or quim); get some nookie; getting your rocks off; get your poker wet; giving the dog a bone; going all the way; grinding; gurvie; hide it; hit it; hanky panky; helicopter ride; hide the salami; hit the ball through the bleachers; hit the guts; hobble; hoe the garden; hooking up; horizontal bop; horizontal exercise; horizontal hoola; horizontal mamba; horizontal slamdance; horizontal tango; hot beef injection; hump; humpin' and bumpin'; humping and pumping; hole in one; home run; hot beef injection; hunch; in the bush; indoor body surfing; jam it; Juke; jugg; jump on someone's bones; killing it; killing the eel hammer; knock boots; knocking boots; laying the cable; laying pipe; lock in key; to make somebody; make love--Not!; making it; makin' bacon; making the bed squeak; making whoopee; mating; motion of the ocean; mounting; mud for your duck; mud for your turtle; nail; nailed; nailin’; nookie; the old in and out; once around the park; packing; parking the car; pick cherries; pickle-me-tickle-me; pile driving; playing hide-the-sausage (bologna); playing the front nine; pluck; poke a stroke; pole dance; poon; pooning pop it; pork; pop the coochie; porking; pound the mound; poking; put the puck in the net; pump; pumping; putter in the hole; rail; ram your rod; ramming home; riding; riding the high, hard one; riding the hobby horse; riding the pony; riding the bologna pony; riding the wave; riding the velvet meat curtains of love; ride the wind; rinka-rinka; rocky-rocky; rock steady; rooting; roll in the hay; romping scootie; scooning; score; screw; scroggin'; scrumpin'; scrunch; send it in; have sex; shake and bake; shtoop; shaking the sheets; skiing; skinboat to tuna town; slamming; slapping the bacon to the pan; slapping stomachs; slapping tummies; slipping between the lily whites; spreading the folds; stable-my- naggie; stoop; "taking it"; take a turn on Mount Pleasant; take Nebuchadnezzar out to grass; take a turn in Bushy Park; take the old one-eye to the optometrist; take the skin boat to tuna town; taking a ride; the in and out; thwacking; throwing chalk; throwing the pork; two moon junction; tube steak boogie; turning a trick (prostitute's term); wet the worm; wham, bam, thank you ma'am; wheel; whopping; wild thing; work it; working it.

Condoms - con-dom n. -- A flexible sheath, usually made of thin rubber or latex, designed to cover the penis during sexual intercourse for contraceptive purposes or as a means of preventing sexually transmitted diseases. [Origin unknown.]; a penis sheath barrier contraceptive: bag; French ticklers (a specialized condom designed to purportedly increase stimulation for the female); French letter; glove; prophylactics; "Protection"; raincoat; root suit; rubber; safe; scum bag; sheath; skins; sock; Trojans; triple X's.

Cunnilingus - cun-ni-lin-gus n. -- Oral stimulation of the clitoris or vulva. [New Latin, from Latin, he who licks the vulva : cunnus, vulva; + lingere, to lick.] —cun-ni-lin-gual adj.: alphabetizing; bag lunch; beaver dinner; being taken out to lunch; bird licker; biting flaps; box lunch at the "Y"; burger fest; burger feast; bush doctor; carpet muching; cherry flip; chewing bubble gum; chow box; chow down; chowing; chow or chowing box; clam dinner; clean the carpet; cleaning your head; coochy kiss; D.J.; cutting the carpet; dessert; digging for clams; diving for tuna; doing your A, B. C s; down town; eat; eating; to eat beaver; eating box; eating at the crossroads; eat cunt; eating fur pie; eat meat; eat out; eat squirrel; eat pussy; eat my giblets; eating the bearded clam; eating out; to eat somebody out; eating a glazed donut; eating at the pussy palace; eating from the honey pot; eating hair pie; eating the sulfaking sandwich; eating at the "Y"; eat tuna; eating the vertical taco; flipping the bean; French culture (oral-genital sex in general); getting a perm; getting down; giving face; giving head; giving skull; glazed donut face; go down; going down on; go south; going south with the mouth; head; hairpie; having tomato soup; having oyster stew; hedge clipping; hummer; hum job; kissing the clam; lapping; lick; lick bean; lick the bowl; lick box; lick cooter; lick'em where they pee; lickety lap; licking beaver; licking the lower lips; tongue; lick the slit; lunch; marine biology; mimi-job; muff diving; muffburger; muff muncher; munching box; munching muff; munch rug; (free) mustache rides; O.S. (for oral sex); oral sex; red beard; rug munching; salty dog; sex floss; sit on my face; skull; slit licking; smoochie; snack at the "Y"; snack time; split the darkwood; suck; eating sushi; tea bag; tickle the bearded clam; tongue the B; tongue job; tongue pussy; tonguing; tuna taco; Venus butterfly; womb broom (abortion term); red wings (during menstruation); "Y" pie; yodeling in the canyon; yodeling in the gully; yodeling in the "O"; 69 (includes simultaneous fellatio); 68 (you do me, and I'll owe you one).

Defloration-def-lo-ra-tion n. -- 1. The act of deflowering. 2. Rupture of the hymen, typically in sexual intercourse. [Middle English defloracioun, from Late Latin]; a female virgin's first intercourse during which time the hymen is presumedly lost: deflower; giving one's self away; lose it; pop the cherry.

Diaphragm - n. -- A contraceptive device consisting of a thin flexible disk, usually made of rubber, that is designed to cover the uterine cervix to prevent the entry of sperm during sexual intercourse; a vaginal barrier contraceptive: hat; little flying saucer; sombrero.

Dildo, dil-do also dil-doe n., pl. dil-dos also dil-does. -- An object used as a substitute for an erect penis. [Origin unknown.]; an artificial penis: consoler; "vibrator".

Erection (of penis)- e-rec-tion n. -- Physiology. a. The firm and enlarged condition of a body organ or part when the erectile tissue surrounding it becomes filled with blood, especially such a condition of the penis or clitoris. b. The process of filling with blood: banana in the pocket; boner; froggy; hard on; stiff; morning proud; rise in the levis; throbbing manhood; ramrod.

Excitement -- sexual arousal: Beshi; hot; in heat; horny; Randy; rut.

Feltching -- slang term used to refer to the activity of eating the ejaculate from the vagina or anus.

Fellatio - fel-la-ti-o n. -- Oral stimulation of the penis. [New Latin, from Latin felletus, past participle of fellere, to suck.]: to fellate somebody; blow; blowjob; blow out; to blow someone; breathing through your ears; buff the helmet; buffing the knob; butterfly flick; checking the mike; choking; cleaning your head; cock sucking; cum guzzling; deep throat it; dessert; dick licker; dick smoker; dinner; to "do somebody"; draining the tube; drain the vein; eat; eat off; eat out; eating-up; French culture (oral-genital sex in general); fuck mouth; getting your balls smoked; getting your pole smoked; getting head; give head; to "go down" on somebody; gobble it; go south; going down on; going out for ice-cream; hum-job; Hoover; hummer; ice cream; inflating Johnny; lick it; knobber; knob job; licking sac; main course; nose dive; oral sex; pearl necklace (ejaculation on the face, neck, or chest); peckin’ hen; peeling the banana; playing the skin flute; pole smoking; polishing the knob; protein pump; road head; salty dog; scobbing your knob; seeing a man about a horse; singing into the purple microphone; slob nobbing; slurping salami; smoke pole; snowballing; special request; sperm cycle; suck; suck balls; suck cock; suck dick; suck chrome off a trailer hitch; suck chrome off of a tailpipe; suck-n-blow; suck job; suck off; suck pud; sucking Johnny; sixty-nine; 69; 69 + 2 = 71; smoking dick; smoking pickle; smoking pole, smoke hog; smoker; speak to the head; swallow the swan; taking the balls deep; talking to Herman; talking into Mr. Microphone; taste; tonsil tickling; velvet lips.

Fellatio vs. Irrumatio -- wherein the mouth acts as a passive receptacle and the penis is moved in and out.

Gluteus maximus n. -- the large muscles of the buttocks: ass; back door; behind; boom-boom; booty; bohonkus; bottom; bucket; bum; bunny; buns; butt; caboose; can; cheeks; crack; cushions; derriere; duff; dumper; end; fanny; full moon; heine; hiney; kaboose; keister; hams; haunches; moon; peach; pooper; pretty peach; pressed ham (as in "mooning" but with the automobile windows closed); pumpkin; rear; rear end; rump; seat; shitter; the squeeze; star; tail; toosh; tuckess; tush; vertical smile; wide load.

Homosexual - ho-mo-sex-u-al adj. --1. Of, relating to, or having a sexual orientation to persons of the same sex. —ho-mo-sex-u-al n. A homosexual person; a gay man or a lesbian.

Homosexual -- (generally male terms): AC/DC (meaning bisexual or ambisexual); ambisextrous; arty; chick (young); chicken (a young male prostitute); chicken hawk (a chicken's client); cocksucker (implying a male homosexual - connotative meaning is a bad fellow or despicable person); closet queen (covert homosexual or a male homosexual who does not admit his homosexuality); dandy; dinge queen (a black homosexual or a homosexual who prefers black lovers); in drag; or to be in drag (to wear clothing of the opposite sex); fag; faggot; fairy; "fish" (derogatory term for females used by homosexuals); fruity; funny boys; gay; gay bait; homo; a "light number" (a suspected homosexual); light on his feet; limp wrist group; meat rack (bar or meeting place); moe; orange crush; pansy; queen; queer; rough trade (tough, super masculine appearance or normally heterosexual males seeking an occasional homosexual experience); "strange"; sweet; swishy (effeminate male); "sugar in his blood"; three dollar bill in his pocket tinker bell; trade (an ambisexual male).

Lesbian -- (generally female terms): "bitch" (derogatory term used by both male and female homosexuals toward one another); bull dyke (a masculine looking lesbian); butchy (a masculine appearing female homosexual); dike; dyke; fem (a feminine appearing female homosexual); lex; lesbian; lessy.

hymen - Hy-men n. -- Greek Mythology. The god of marriage. A membranous fold of tissue that partly or completely occludes the external vaginal orifice. [Late Latin, from Greek thin skin, membrane.]:maidenhead; block; bride's gift; bride's proof (or pride); buster (as in "bust her hymen"); cherry; her "flower"; hym; lock.

Libido - li-bi-do - n., pl. li-bi-dos. --1. The psychic and emotional energy associated with instinctual biological drives. 2. a. Sexual desire. b. Manifestation of the sexual drive. [Latin, desire. See leubh- To care, desire; love; awareness of sexual appetite; to be sexually excited; capacity for arousal: "got the hots for;" feeling sexy; horny; randy; sexual excitement.

Mammary Glands -- breast and nipples of female mammals used for feeding of young: bahama mammas; balloons; bawagos; bazongoes; bazookas; bazooms; bazoos; beamers; bee stings; big brown eyes; blinkers; bobambas; bodacious tatas; bombs; boobs; bosom; bosooms; boulders; over the shoulder boulder holder (a bra); breasts; Bristols (English); brown suckies; bubatoes; bups; bust; busts; Cadillac bumper bullets; cans; casabas; chest; chuberteens; cones; cup cakes; cushions; dairy section; doorknobs; eyes (as in "has nice eyes"); floppers; fried eggs; fugis; fun bags; gams; gazangas; gazongas; gedoinkers; girls; golden bazoos; golden winnebagoes; grenadoes; headlights; healthy; highbeams; hinyackas; hogans; honkers; hooters; itty-bitty-titty; jalobes; jiggers; jobes; jugs; jungle tits; knobs; knockers; love apples; love monkeys; luscious scoops of flesh; lung warts; lungs (as in a "good set of lungs"); mambas; mammas; mamms; massive mammaries; mazabas; melons; milk factories; mounds; mountains; marshmallows; Maguffies; Mcguffies; mosquito bites; mountains; ninnies; nips; nupies; pair; penis squeezers; perkies; pillows; pimples; pink chewies; points; rack; set; smosabs; stacked; starter buttons; tads; tatas; ta-tas; tits; titties; tittyboppers; torpedoes; towel racks; tubes; turkeys; twins; love warts; wangers; watermellons; wazoos; whoppers; winnebagos; yabos.

Masturbation- mas-tur-ba-tion n. -- Excitation of one's own or another's genital organs, usually to orgasm, by manual contact or means other than sexual intercourse. —mas-tur-ba-tion-al or mas-tur-ba-to-ry - adj. —mas-tur-ba-tor n.: onanism; to jack off; Anna palm; auto-eroticism; backstroke; baming your wang with the rest of the gang; bean wiggling (female); beat the meat; beat off; beating off; beat your meat; bleed the lizard; bonking your bologna; bop the bologna; bopping your bishop; buffing the purple helmet; burp the worm; bust a nut; catching a nut; check the oil; choking the chicken; choke your chicken; circle jerk (group masturbation); corralling the tadpole; diddling; diddling the box; doing the dishes; feeding the ducks; feel up; feelie; finger blasting; fingering; fingerlingus (for females?); finger blast; finger fuck; finger jabbing; fist fucking; five finger lingo; five finger knuckle chuckle; five knuckle shuffle; flogging the bishop; flog the dolphin; flog the friar; flog your log; flogging your pride; Franny and her five sisters; getting off get excited; get wet; grab the bozac; grease your pole; grease the monkey; hammer hands; hand car; hand jive; hand job; hitchhiking under the sheets; home job; honking his root; humping off; jack your dick; jag off; jack off; jerking off; marching German soldier; milking the lizard; "Nothing Mom!"; one-eyed Kate; paddle the pickle; palm it; Sally palm; piddley diddling; playing with one's self; pocket pinball; pocket ping-pong; pocket pool; pound your pud; piddle the pud; piddle; polish the pud; play with yourself; playing the skin flute; playing with peter; pound your pud; punching the munchkin; pound your pud; pud wacking; pull your pud; pulling your pecker; pulling your puppet; red eye Pete; rosy palm; dating Rosy Palmer; Rosie Palmer and her five friends; to rub off (to masturbate, a female term, used by females); rub one out; rubbin' a chubby; Sally fist and her five sisters; sanding it; scratch the crack (female); shake the snake; self-pollution; self abuse; Shangra-la; shining your helmet; skin your bone; slap your dong; slapping the salami; smack Johnny behind the ears; solo; solitary vice or sin; spankin'; spanking it; spanking the monkey; spank your shank; sparring with the heavy bag; stroke it; stirring the soup (female); stroke the lizard; stroking the muscle; toss off; talking to Henry; Tilly and her four friends; tooting your root; toss-off; tossin' Tony; touckie-feelie; trip to the john; tuggin' on it; tug-o-war with the Cyclops; twiddle a speed bag; twiddling; two finger tango; using the 10-inch black beauty; yank your doodle dandy; wack your squack; walking the dog; wanking; waxing your carrot; wax the dolphin; waxing your pole; waxing the soldier; wack-it; whack off; whacking off; whacking the weasel; wham the ham; whip it; whip your whillie; whittle the wood; wiggling the bean (female); with my imaginary lover; wrap five around woody; yanking; yanking the chain.

Menstruation - men-stru-a-tion n. -- The process or an instance of discharging the menses, the endometrial lining of the uterus: Aunt Flo; Aunt Flow; blood bath; bitch time; bitch cycle; bleeding; bleeding gash; Bloody Mary; bloody Sunday; blooming your flowers; blowing blood; Butch; the captain is at home; Charlie Brown; corked; the cramps; crimson tide; the curse; D-day; the day; the drips; drop an egg; enemy; falling off the roof; female thing; flood; flow; flying the red flag; Fred is here; my friend; my little friend is here; with friend; friendly Bill; furry red mouse; George; god send; good time to dive; granny; having the painters in; I have a headache; hell time; hit by a Mack truck; being hit; indisposed; ladies day; little red friend; little red mice; I'm having my monthlies; mamma's coming; Martha; Mertal; monthlies; Mr. Monthly; monthly bill; Mother Nature visits; MS-ing; ninnies; no gym this week; note from my mother; oh shit!; on the rag; OTR; one-eyed red monster; otter; out of order; out of commission; occupied; on the plug; otter; over the rainbow; party time; period; 'riod; the plague; I'm percolating; plugged; rag; red headed from Illinois; red baron; red dollar day; red headed cousin's come to visit; red river valley; red sea; red tide; red wings (Hell's Angels); riding the pony; riding the (cotton, red, white) pony or horse; riding the red rocket; raw (or wet) burger; river; running with the red dog; in the saddle; slime; star; started; sticked; stick-shift your Volvo; Susie Red; strawberry shortcake; "That Time"; three guesses; time of the month; time to plug it up; Tom; Urcela; visitor; on the white cotton horse; VBF; visit from my sister.

Nocturnal emission -- an involuntary seminal discharge in the male during REM sleep which may or may not be accompanied by a dream of erotic content: night visitor; sex dream; polluting dream; wet dream.

Orgasm - or-gasm n. -- 1. The highest point of sexual excitement, characterized by strong feelings of pleasure and marked normally by ejaculation of semen by the male and by vaginal contractions in the female. Also called climax. 2. A similar point of intensity of emotional excitement. [French orgasme or New Latin orgasmus, both from Greek orgasmos, swelling, excitement, from organ, to swell up, be excited.]: blow a load; bust a nut; bust one; climax; to come; coming; cream your pants; the crisis; cut loose; die; drop off the fellows; explode; the "feel; feel the earth move; ‘gasm; get-off; get wet; goo; high; industrial accident; let it all hang out; le petit mort (the little death, a French term); max out; melt; multiples; the big "O"; pearl necklace; reaching it; seeing god; spend; shoot; shoot one's wad; spoogie; spunk; top of the hill.

Penis - pe-nis n., pl. pe-nis-es or pe-nes. Anatomy. -- 1. The male organ of copulation in higher vertebrates, homologous with the clitoris. In mammals, it also serves as the male organ of urinary excretion. 2. Any of various copulatory organs in males of lower animals. Important derivatives are: pencil, penicillium, penis.-- arrow; bamboo; banana; beef; beef stick; big bad John; Big Fatty; big fella; big ten-inch; bird; blue cow; bologna pony; boner (erect); bottom rocker; bozack; brains; Bubba; bull-dog; ca-ca; cannon; cave explorer; chew toy; chub; chubby; cock; corundum column; cucumber; Cyclops; dang; dick; dildo; ding-a-ling; ding-ding; ding-dong; dip-stick; dong; doinker; donger; dork; dude; duke; equipment; Fast Freddie; flag pole; flip-flop; fuck-stick; garden hose; George (almost any proper male name); Gila monster; good old 12 inch long; gum; gun; hammer; Mr. Happy; hard-on (erect); heat seeking moisture missile; helmet; Herman, the one-eyed German; hog; Holmes; honker; hot dog; instrument; jack hammer; Jake; Jimmy; joy stick; Little Johnny; the Johnson; John Thomas; juice-maker; key to heaven; kick-stand; the king; lance; lingam; lipstick; the little guy; little helmet man; little monster; lizard; lollipop; love gun; love handle; love muscle; love probe; love pump; love python; love rod; love stick; magic wand; maleness; the man; manhood; man-tool; meat; member; middle leg; Mr. Happy; Mr. Microphone; heat seeking moisture missile; morning missile; the monster; MX; main muscle; monkey; needle dick; noodle; Oh Henry; one-eyed heated viper; one-eyed Cyclops; one-eyed monster; one-eyed purple warrior of love; one-eyed snake; one-eyed spit monkey; one-eyed tool; one-eyed trouser trout; one-eyed viper; one-eyed wonder worm; organ; package; panhandle (from "A Clockwork Orange"); partner; passion pole; pecker; pee-pee; peenie; peenpeen; peni; Peter pangus; piney; pods; pole; pork sword; Peter; peter; phallus; pickle; pile driver; pink pencil; Pinochio's wooden balls; pleasure pleaser; pistol; pocket pistol; poison dart; pork; power drill; power shooter; pride and joy; privates; prod; prick; pud; purple headed love dart; purple helmet; purple headed soldier or warrior; purple people eater; pussy finger; pussy tamer; putter; python of pleasure; Ralph; red; the red rocket; rigid rocket; rod; romp wrangler; root; rump burger; Russell the love muscle; salami; sausage; schlong; schmuck; schwantz; scrodog; semi-sport; sex pistol; shaft; 6" (six inch); skin flute; snake; schwanson; stick; still; one-eyed trouser monster; stiffy; stump; stump plunger; swanson; hooded sword; tallywacker; teeter; third leg; thing; the big thing or thang; throbbing manhood; tinkle; tinkler; Tony; tool; torpedo; tower of power; tree; tripod; trouser trout; one eyed trouser trout; troublemaker; tower of power; tube steak; tube steak smothered in underwear; turkey neck; unit; main vein; viper; unit; wand; war club; wang; wanger; wanker; warrior of love; wazoo; weapon; weasel; wee-wee; weiner; wiennie;; Mr. Wiggly; whanger; white/black root; white porpoise of love; wick wacker; Wilbur; woman's home companion; wong; wing-wong; wonder wand; Willie the wonder worm; Willy; one-eyed wonder worm; worm; wooter.

Pregnancy - n. -- the state of being in gestation: to make pregnant; expecting; expecting a visit from the stork; gravid; in a family way; to knock up; a little stranger is coming; swallowed a watermelon seed; in trouble; with child.

Rectum: rec-tum n., pl. rec-tums or rec-ta -.The terminal portion of the large intestine, extending from the sigmoid flexure to the anal canal. [Middle English, from Latin (intesthnum) rictum, straight (intestine)] -- ass (see also anus); bottom; Hershey highway; poop-tube; pooter.

Scrotum-scro-tum n., pl. scro-ta or scro-tums. -- The external sac of skin enclosing the testes in most mammals. [Latin scrÅtum.] —scro-tal adj.: bag; orchid; sac; sack; satchel; scumbag

S/M- Slang term for sadism and masochism, paraphilias in which sexual arousal and attainment of orgasm is dependent upon the giving or receiving of pain, humiliation, or duress: bondage freaks; discipline lovers; slaves and masters; top and bottom; English (or German) "culture"; sadomasochistic; sadomasochism; spanking lovers.

Semen: se-men n. A viscous, whitish secretion of the male reproductive organs, containing spermatozoa and serving as their transporting medium. [Middle English, from Latin.]

Important derivatives are: sow, seed, season, semen, seminary, disseminate. -- baby maker; climax; come; cum; cream; funk; gisim; gyt; ick; jism; jit; jiz; jizz; liquid marble; load; love drops; love fluid; love jelly; love juice; man-milk; juice of life; man mustard, mayonnaise; milky way; nectar; nut; penis milk; potato soup; pearl jam; pearl necklace (when seen on the chest of a recipient of an ejaculation); protein frappe'; quaq; quim; salt water; salty tea; seed (actually analogous to pollen, since seed is a plant zygote); shoot our wad; slime; sperm; seminal fluid; spew; sploit; splunk; spooge; spoogie; spuge; spunk; soap scum; sugar; Tadpoles; wad; wadd; warm, yuck.

Testes-testicles: tes-ti-cle n. -- A testis, especially one contained within a scrotum. [Middle English testicule, from Latin testiculus, diminutive of testis, testis.] -- bag; balls; bag of balls; boulders; brains; cahoones; coconuts; cojans; cooyons; coolers; coolies; cooligans; doodads; gonads; family "J's"; family jewels; garbonzoes; jewels; lads; love grapes; nads; marbles; nerds; nuts; package; peeps; rocks, sac; sack; scum-bag; stones; tea bag; Thor’s twins; tool-bag. [Testes is the origin of word "testament" or to "testify."].

Urethral meatus - n. -- 1. external orifice of the urethra: piss hole; the eye of the bishop

Uterus - u-ter-us n., pl. u-ter-i or u-ter-us-es. -- 1. A hollow muscular organ located in the pelvic cavity of female mammals in which the fertilized egg implants and develops. Also called womb. 2. A corresponding part in other animals. [Middle English, from Latin.]: baby-box; nest; special place under mommy's heart; womb.

vagina (internal passage from introitus to cervix), va-gi-na n., pl. va-gi-nas or va-gi-nae -- 1. Anatomy. a. The passage leading from the opening of the vulva to the cervix of the uterus in female mammals. b. A similar part in some invertebrates. See vulva.

Vulva (external female genitalia),vul-va n., pl. vul-vae . -- The external genital organs of the female, including the labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, and vestibule of the vagina. [Latin, womb, covering. —vul-val or vul-var adj. —vul-vate, adj. —vul-vi-form (-võ-fôrm) adj. Important derivatives are: waltz, willow, walk, well, wallow, vault, volume, evolve, involve, revolve, vulva, valve, valley, helix.

These two terms, vulva and vagina are often referred to, in error, interchangeably or simultaneously by the same slang terms: all pink on the inside; angel smile; ass; axe wound; baff; barn door; bearded clam; beaver; the beav'; beggar's purse; Bermuda triangle; biscuit; black hole; black tunnel; box; boff; booter; booty; bush; bloomer puddin'; butterfly; cage; canal; canyon; catcher's mit; cave; bearded clam; camel toes; clam; vertical clam; channel; Chinatown; clit; cockpit; cooochy coo; cookie; cookie jar; cootch; cooter (kooter); cootie cat; coozy; crack; crevice; crotch; cuda; cum catcher; cum dumster; cunny; cunt; depository; delta; dick garage; down there; dead fish; flagellating lips; flap; flapper; flower; fluff; fru-fru; furburger; fuzzy donut; fuzzy lap flounder; fuzzy taco; gap; garage; gaping hatchet wound; gap; gash; gina; 'giner; ginny; golden gate; gold mine; G-spot; goober; gobbler; good thing; grand canyon; gully; hairy hatchet wound; hair pie; hair pot; hairy hatchet wound; happy valley; hidden treasure; hidden valley; hole; black hole; honey box; honey hole; man hole; sink hole; holy land; holiest of holies; honey pie; honey pot; horizontal smile; hot box; it; hot lips; Johnson's puke pit; joy maker; kadinky; the kitty; leg McMuffin; limestone cavern; Lincoln tunnel; lips; little love box; love box; love canal; love den; love grotto; love nest; love trap; love tunnel; man hole; meat curtains; mitt; money-maker; monk; mound; mud flaps; mustache ride; muff; nana; overnight depository; nookie; nuchie nookie; nut cracker; oozing whisker biscuit; oven; Pandora's box; panoche; hot pastrami sandwich; pee-pee; pisser; pit; poody; poontang; pie; bush pie; finger pie; fur pie; hair pie; piece; pineapple; pink beaver; playpen; plum pudding; po-po; possum; P.P; privates; pubic triangle; pud; pudding; punanni; pussy; putter; puzzle; quarterslot; quim; roast beef smile; rug; Sally (or most any female proper name); sassy; scootie; shaft; shwampus; slash; slat; slice; sliding pond; slit; slug; slush bucket; snack; snap; snapper; snatch; squeeze box; squirrel; stanken gash; stash; sugar bush; sugar walls; Suzy; sweaty machete wound; sweet stuff; taco; twat; tool box; triangle of love; tail feathers; taco lips; taking your picture; target; tookabook; trim; tuna factory; tuna (hot); tuna melt; tuna town; tush; tunnel of love; twat; "V"; vaginal blood fart; V.D. depository; Valentine pie; vertical lips; vertical smile; vertical taco; the Virginia reel; vogue vat; wa; wazoo; wedgie; whisker biscuit; wooded forest; woose; wooz; whussy; wound; wounded gash; the wound that never heals; the "Y"; ya-ya; yoni; yoni of your owni.

Venereal disease -- obsolete term for what are now called STDs (sexually transmitted diseases): VD; clap; crabs; crotch rot; drip; dose; galloping crud; gonorrhea; gon; got something; big G; jungle rot; pox; raw meat; rot; big S; sif; scabies; social disease; strain; the whites;

Syphilis: bad blood; fever or pox; lues; pox; siff; hair cut; old Joe; the Spanish (or English, French, etc. as nasty social diseases are always another countries')

Gonorrhea: clap; a dose; gleet; strain; morning drip; morning dew; the whites.

In all of the listings above, note the tendency toward alliteration and poetic fancy or metaphor in the language of sexual slang.

Thanks to Allen Sherman's Rape of the Ape for some of the "coitus" terms. Note the discrepancy between the large number of male "power" terms which imply acts performed on the passive female and the far smaller number of intersexual terms. This is evidence in our language of the persistence of the old "double standard".

Colloquialism: Belonging to ordinary, everyday speech; conversational.

Euphemism: The use of a mild word in place of a plainer or possibly offensive one.

Jargon: Language peculiar to a group or profession, medical, legal, etc., often pretentious.

Lewdness: Evil, wicked; sexually unchaste or licentious.

Obscenity: Offensive to modest sensibilities; indecent; lewd; disgusting to the senses; abhorrent to morality or virtue; designed to incite to lust or depravity.

Romanticism: Fanciful; fabulous, given to sentimental or amorous feelings; in art and literature; imaginative and free from classical rule.

Slang: Language of coarse, familiar or jocular character, regarded as below the level of written or colloquial speech; coinages; facetious figures of speech.

Vulgarism: A word or expression not in good usage, ignorant, deficient of good taste, coarse, unrefined.