Run for your lives. Aliens have taken over high schools everywhere. Aliens of the species Stupidus Bitchus have emerged out from the depths of hell and are trying to kill us! If you have been to a high school, chances are you have seen one of these aliens. If you're not sure, here are a few pointers to help you find one of these aliens from hell:

1.) Short Skirts

Avoid getting near any girl who wears short skirts. Just to be safe, stay away from all girls that wear skirts. The purpose of the short skirt is to get you hard and horny; so hard and horny that you will want to shove your penis up and under the skirt-- and that's just where they want it! Just when you place your dick in the right place-- WHAM!!-- it gets zapped off with an EVIL LASER and then the dick mutates into a big alien that will bite your head off.


2.) Dark cirles around the eyes

You gotta admit, these aliens really know how to disguise themselves as hookers, but there are a few things that an alien can't hide, and this is one of them. The dark circles contain some hypnotic EVIL CHEMICAL that is supposed to make you look into their eyes. BUT DON'T DO IT. If you do, they'll zap your head off your neck with lasers that shoot out of their eyes!


3.) Colored Nails

This is another thing that aliens can't hide. Whenever aliens are angry, some part of their body becomes a different color. If a girl's nails are not the same color as yours, there is only one thing you can do. Run away. If you don't, do not be surprised if you find a knife lodged in your head.


4.) They Smell Sweet

When they smell like fruits, you better split fast before they point their rear at you. NO, they don't want you to fuck them doggy style; they're gonna fart out toxic EVIL GAS at your face! First the gas will travel up your nose and into you're brain where it shuts down your entire nervous system. You fall to the ground and you begin to puke your stomach out! Now do you wan't that to happen? HELL NO. When they smell sweet, run. Frigg'n run.


Those are the main points to remember. Avoid these things. We must work together to combat these Stupidus Bitchus. Together we can stop them. Together we can win.

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