Every damn concert is the same. Fans yelling their ass off. Cut that shit out. It's fucking annoying. Please have a little consideration for others who want to watch and actually comprehend what the artist is doing and shut up. That's one thing the world has a little too much of: bitches who yell over every little thing their favorite artist does. I paid $125.47 to see someone perform, not hear girls jump up and down, yell, and faint. I bet, if just a quarter of the bitchy fanatics stopped yelling, people would enjoy the concert a lot better.

Why the hell do you scream in the first place? What do you try to achive? The only thing you get is a sore throat. It's NOT like the more you scream the more likely you're gonna sleep with Justin Timberlake. OK, some people scream because they're attracted to him, but still. There are other people trying to listen and actually appreciate his music. But just because you see him and you think he's hot doesn't mean you need to fake an orgasm as you imagine youself having sex with him. Just because you are looking at him in person doesn't give you the right to masturbate. Which leads me to my next point. People scream for Timberlake mostly because they think he's hot (those people need to be shot, he's a fag with a pasty white ass who tries to be black). Why do people scream for Michael Jackson? Do you think he's hot? He's an ass-ugly white woman with no nose who likes getting it on with babies. Sick bastard. Don't scream for him. Just shut up, or risk having him drop his nose in your cleavage.

I was at this one concert (I forgot which concert, because all the damn yelling messed up my memory) and I was getting pissed at the fat bitch in front of me who was jumping up and down and screaming at the top of her lungs. I prayed and prayed that she would fall victim to a heart attack but nothing happened. So I left to go get a soda and then I came back to my seat. Just as I was about to sit down and take a sip from my soda the artist began to sing the fat bitch's favorite song. She jumped out of her seat and she got so excited her ass flowed out of her pants and knocked my soda out of my hands. Like it wasn't enough that I had to pay a bullshit price of $7.75 for a 20 OZ soda, now the fat bitch just wasted about $6.82 worth of that soda. I tapped her on the sholder to tell her that she spilled my soda but as soon as I made contact, her skin sprayed grease all over my shirt. Now I was really super pissed. I took a gun and tried to shoot her, but the bullets just got caught in the fat. Now everyone was screaming because the damn singer was dancing. I went up to the stage, shot the artist and yelled into the microphone, "THERE'S A SHOE SALE OUTSIDE!!" and all the bitches just ran out in the blink of an eye, except for the fat bitch because she can't run. She tried to run, but got an asthma attack and died.

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