One day I was walking down the street to the park so I could kick some hobo ass when I saw a crowd of people gather around a stage. There were morons on the stage going crazy banging on drums and and pulling on guitar strings, making that vomit-inducing incoherent noise that Nazis call "music". There were people around the stage, and they were acting like hippies on a acid. They were shaking their arms, moving their legs, making weird squirming movements, humping the air around them, and jumping up and down like they were on fire (if they really were on fire, I'd laugh. I'd laugh and laugh. HAHAH.) I couldn't understand what they were doing; just looking at them doing whatever they were doing made me so sick I swear I shit my shorts. I tried to comprehend this uncivilized, barbaric ritual, but the more I thought about it, more crap would slide out from between my ass cheeks. So finally I asked someone, "What in the name of holy hell are you doing?" and he said, "We're dancing." I asked, "Why the hell do you like doing this?" and he said, "It's fun. Wanna join?" Join? Hell no. It's fun? What the fuck? There is no way in hell I am gonna join a group of people whose idea of fun is is to skake your arms wildly like you're having a seisure while shoving your ass into people's genitalia. That's fucking gross. I wonder how fun it'll be when you're slapping some ass and then the skank you're dancing with farts on your dick and burns your crotch. Yeah, real fun, you stupid moron.

That asshole I was talking to got me so pissed I punched him in the face. I punched him so hard his head flew off and rolled down the street until an 18-wheeler ran over it. *SPLAT!* Then another guy tried to fight me but I took a sword and jabbed him in the nuts. *WHAM!* I left to go find some hobos to beat up, but all the people who were dancing were so scared of me that they all pissed their pants and drowned in their own urine. I laughed so hard I crapped myself (again.)

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